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King Kong of clear in relief city exports firework factory

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King Kong of in relief city of company name clear exports firework factory
Company property factory
King Kong of in relief city of detailed address clear presses down prince lake village
License number LF-118-050818928
Phone 0731-3890036
Fax 0731-3890766
Network address Www.topfireworks.com
Email root@topfireworks.com
2005 of date of expiration year came on August 18 on August 18, 2007
Detailed introduction basically sells an area: Shandong registered trade mark: The countryside ” that Hunan spends element of clear in relief city to have “ fireworks and firecrackers praise say, the history is long, celebrated China and foreign countries. My factory is located in by 106 nations line, be firework of clear in relief firecracker advocate produce a division, it is factory of backbone of production of firework of firecracker of Hunan Province foreign trade, plant field covers an area of a face to accumulate more than 200 mus, the environment is beautiful, technical force is abundant, manufactures firecracker firework variety is various, technology is distinctive, pack elegant, design and color flowery, acoustics sonorous, on the safe side, reached “GB10631” state level. The trademark of ” of “ Hunan face cards that already registered is progressively thorough market, effect sees at the beginning of famous brand, export reachs countrywide each district toward 20 many countries of Europe, beauty, ever was judged to be “ to abide by contract by municipal government of this world of government of Hunan Province government, the Changsha City, clear for many times, keep good faith enterprise ” and the “ that save a government to award are advanced the glorious title such as enterprise ” . The management guiding principle of my factory is: Technical innovation plans development, the product is rich hold the market in the palm, service satisfaction establishs reputation, the client is gratified achieve beneficial result.

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