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Red firework of clear in relief century creates sale limited company

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Red firework of in relief century of company name clear creates sale limited company
Company property company
In relief city of detailed address clear amounts to waterside to press down book sweet village
License number LF-113-050901003
Phone 0731-3900138
Fax 0731-3903168
Network address Www.topfireworks.com
Email root@topfireworks.com
2005 of date of expiration year came on September 1 on September 1, 2007
Detailed introduction basically sells an area: Registered trade mark of Beijing, Xinjiang, Heibei, Qinghai: Limited company of production sale of red firework of in relief century of century red clear is one basically is engaged in firework, gun salute tasting research and development, product newly to make design, production make, sale and musical fireworks evening party undertake those who be an organic whole is muti_function, all-around. My company is located in this world of countryside —— clear of Chinese fireworks and firecrackers, according to adherent Hunan Dong Mingzhu “ surrounds the shelter of hill ” greatly, the origin of Yang He ” edifies clear of “ of world name river, all previous classics 18 carry, dimensions peep: Company cash covers an area of more than mus 600, floor area amounts to 12800 square metre; Actual strength of new and high science and technology is abundant, workshop establishment is all ready, manufacturing facilities is advanced; Product type has 12 kinds more than kinds 1000, year productivity many yuan 2000; Series of fireworks of chute of colorful and the firework of series of environmental protection of smokeless cold light that develops development to go out jointly with university of national defence science and technology among them, cake firework, arena art firework, smokeless caption, cold light, family is more times suffer global travelling merchant to favor. Supervisory bureau of technology of city quality of formal in March 2001 You Liuyang awards firework of ” of card of “ Da Hu “ quality letter pass product ” name, execute quality whole journey to dog. Product of of all kinds has the honor to win attestation of authority of international, state and commend for many times. What at the same time my company has “A class ” to set off a qualification is large set off a team, advanced computer programmed control sets off the setting of fireworks evening party with equipment and colorful specially good effect to design actual strength, inside Ceng Zaiguo ten large and medium-sized fireworks evening party undertook successfully hundreds times in major activity of the city, be run unit and broad customer by place speak very highly of and reward. Company business already pervaded now popular and Euramerican, abroad, in home already with Qinghai, Heibei, Jilin, inside unconscious, Xinjiang big in province city builds firework cracker to order cooperative concern surely. Wait for lad toward deep feeling, handclasp character welcomes new friend, we will with sincere for this, it is in order to believe first, with top-ranking product, high-class service, sincerity and each new old friend cooperates!
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