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Technology of Olympic Games fireworks is initiate all over the world

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Compere: Was in on July 16 bird's nest in the sky among the rehearsal of opening ceremony of held Beijing Olympic Games, the fireworks that set off enlightened area of whole Olympic center, collected a lot of citizens to surround at that time watch and watch. We have good fortune today asked BOCOG to open undersecretary of closure job ministry Mr Deng Shaohui and Beijing Olympic Games to open art of closure vision specially good effect to always design interview of be a guest of Mr Cai Guojiang, open the old practice of closure blaze backside a little together with netizens.

Two honored guests make a call with netizens first.

Cai Guojiang: Netizens you are good, very glad and OK with everybody face-to-face the thing that talks about a few fireworks.

Compere: A closure fireworks rehearsal on July 16 is medium, a lot of citizens and netizen saw the rehearsal of fireworks through different channel. Between rehearsal of opening ceremony fireworks, what characteristic product is there?

Cai Guojiang: Fireworks is an old technique and art, it explodes very hard first-rately all the time, get because of it namely physical theorem. Fireworks is hit in sky, scamper leaves is hit outside from the center, this theorem makes it makes strange thing very hard. But the fireworks of BOCOG held to this theorem, because these landscape such as peony flower, chrysanthemum are good-looking, so this some still has. How to make it has originality more? The peony that still uses creative work on one hand is spent or chrysanthemum, but achieve it those who cause a kind of continuity to hit again. There are 22 to project a drop by water system for example, use computer control, number control, can hit like dragon, although still be traditional firework it seems that, but the dye that resembles a tradition as a result of it, became painterly tool, do not depend on been spend, and the flower that depending on originality is a tradition introduces new change.

Compere: Besides traditional firework project, we still were arranged the tradition with present gimmick, reset, turned a new visual sense into the effect, has been this new project used in Beijing?

Cai Guojiang: Should say new thing not only it is Beijing had not been used, be initiate all over the world, we search a kind to give formative change in sky. A lot of netizens can say, often see the model of firework in the sky. Because be played in firework,that is inside what play light bead puts a five-pointed star, after be being hit in sky, the likelihood is also is turn over, height, angle does not have method control. This kind of modelling is traditional go up some, but this development is to let it be being worn hit where, where is it. It is to launching fluctuation effort, firework plays the development of itself to went up to also leave time. Additional, a few is play inside assembled computer chip, hit in sky, it has had memory, it knows when to should blast off, when should scamper leaves.
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