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5 annulus contend for smiling face of colourful world of Jing of opening ceremon

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Opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games is in the national stadium that is located in Beijing " bird's nest " hold ceremoniously. Hu Jintao of chairman of Chinese people republic, luo Ge of chairman of international Olympic committee, samaranch of lifelong and honorary chairman and the leader of 80 many countries attended international Olympic committee opening ceremony.

Fireworks is the one big hotspot on this opening ceremony. Although go to,the opening ceremony also has had an Olympic Games fireworks is set off, but the fireworks photograph that goes up with opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games is compared, that is absolutely be outshone.

The fireworks on the opening ceremony is performed, according to like " best " with " the biggest " the Chinese's wish, will become " the fireworks with the largest scale on the earth is performed " . Whole fireworks show will use fireworks 33866 hair, stadium of its China home sets off 11456 hair; Area of arena house center 8428 hair, park and downtown 13982 hair. Set off a place to add up to 29 place, represent the 29th Olympic Games. According to introducing, it is the preparative time that fireworks sets off had exceeded two years only.

The fireworks on the opening ceremony has a few big distinguishing feature today, laugh at facial fireworks and Olympic Games with 2008 pieces especially among them 5 annulus fireworks is most fetching attention. When the performance reachs a climax, admiral of spot big screen shows the photo that gives thousands of pieces of smiling face that collect and comes from world each district. Meanwhile, celestial lieutenant general sends projectile to lay pattern of 2008 pieces of smiling face by chamber pressing. Of a piece of round circle " face " inside, go up euqally in crescent moon become warped " the mouth " on, two small dot resemble laughing so that narrow one's eyes seams into " eye " , the fireworks group that experiments through two years will develop so bright smiling face model to us.

Rise an Olympic Games when 5 link division, the emissive position inside Olympic park launchs what greet high density again, the fireworks that enter the space will comprise tremendous Olympic Games in the sky 5 annulus mark. Of 5 annulus big, those who enter the space is tall, largely Beijing can see.

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