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Opening ceremony fireworks achieves 3 worlds record 7 grand ceremony modelling a

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Does 3 centimeters long firework play fireworks to you can bloom those who give 20 much square metre " giant flower " ? Does the firework of written in water burn many seconds 10 in sky actually? Won't the fireworks of in full bloom fall in combustion of the top of head any cindery with spark? Do not want to suspect, all these has become reality. Tonight, accompany Olympic Games opening ceremony the process of literary performance and ceremonial program, beijing sets off a dot in 73, set off gorgeous, modelling the clear in relief fireworks and firecrackers of each different, build happy and auspicious Olympic Games atmosphere.
Firework achieves 3 worlds Jinisi record

"Absolutely beautiful fireworks will make the most glaring window on the opening ceremony, will get set off of whole Beijing city glow! " this afternoon, jiang Guoping of deputy mayor of clear in relief city tells a reporter very proudly, the fireworks that sets off on the opening ceremony will achieve 3 Jinisi record. One of, the firework amount that set off is all previous Olympic Games most, gross amounts to 120 thousand much hair, be before of the summation that 28 all Olympic Games set off fourfold; Secondly, arrive from the Great Wall bird's nest, fireworks is set off enclothe an area to amount to kilometer of 100 much square, whole Beijing the city zone will be enlightened, of its area also be unprecedented greatly; Thirdly, what flash fire of a You Yan comprises is return on the opening ceremony, the large chute that is as long as 3000 meters, this also is a miracle.

A variety of 1200 fireworks blossom 20 minutes

And go up in firework breed, the fireworks that this clear this world offers to Beijing Olympic Games, also be the concentration of top production craft reflects world fireworks. "Olympic Games fireworks is paid attention to particularly reflect Olympic Games element and Chinese spirit, ensure effect of the safety of fireworks, environmental protection, shock is mixed at the same time can charge a sex! " powerful nation of Xu of director of bureau of fireworks and firecrackers of clear in relief city says, whole set off a process to will use firework of small smoke fireworks, chip to play in great quantities, the new-style product such as special modelling fireworks, add up to amounts to 1200 many breed.

Set off the fireworks that time overall length amounts to 20 minutes, always deciding city of sea of Buddhist templeput on the brakes of the door, Tian An Men, assorted, earth, Juyongguan Pass to wait 73 set off a dot.

"Bird's nest is set off " 7 large classical model

"Peony spends " : The first climax that bird's nest sets off is nodded, deduce national flower peony from be in bud the whole process that arrives to bloom in the round, bird's nest becomes gules ocean inside 11 seconds. This 11 seconds, the amount that sets off firework amounts to 4845, be equivalent to setting off the 1/4 of gross. "Olympic Games 5 annulus " : Red, yellow, green, black, blue, the firework of 5 kinds of color, make 5 ring, "There am me in you, there are you in me " , mutual group links 5 circle, present an Olympic Games 5 annulus design. "Argent chute " : As a the Milky Way, length is close 40 meters " argent chute " , mouth of bowl of edge bird's nest slowly lop, flow into inside field, when bird's nest bleachers stands, change as an argent hall. "Peace is columbine " volant: Two side give birth to bird's nest a pair of snow-white wing, fluctuation fan, as a peace columbine volant fly. "Red show bird's nest " change feeling world: A gules silk thread, wear draw bird's nest the whole audience, twinkle ceaselessly as red neon light, whole bird's nest is in bouncing! "Open day door " : A resplendent and magnificent vaulted gate, in the sky appear in bird's nest. Gate slowly the hole leaves! "Time " enter " the Olympic Games is spatio-temporal " : 9, 8, 7, when begin of Olympic Games opening ceremony, in sky most appear first those who go out is the number that each blinks.
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