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Contemporaneity bound also sees an Olympic Games with the dream more take a fanc

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Through hundred years metempsychosis, the world begins to enter Beijing time. On August 8, 2008, one makes Chinese people unforgettable one day, we are bearing the weight of great revived hope...

Through hundred years metempsychosis, the world begins to notice Beijing body appearance. On August 8, 2008, one makes the day of engrave of millions upon millions children, we grasp the spirit that holding fire of Olympic Games emperor...

Through hundred years metempsychosis, the world begins proud Beijing achievement. On August 8, 2008, the hour of rise with force and spirit of nation of a your an ancient name for China, the passion that we are insurgent brave achieves the history...

Compatriots hard dismiss from one's mind, an old empire is in the endure humiliation in order to carry out an important task in late evening the last days of life, by the take from me as sb please-make unlimited demands of western big powers of annulus wait. Much more difficult nation, enter to the sensitive belt of victory or defeat in athletics sports, the victory that anxiouslies expect passion is placatory of the history achieve painful. On May 23, 1908, at that time " Tianjin youth " to introduce London Olympic Games, gave out famous Olympic Games 3 ask: When can the Chinese attend the Olympic Games? When can the Chinese win medal on the Olympic Games? When can the Chinese sponsor the Olympic Games? These straight from the shoulder problem, in the mind that there ever was knowledge compatriots in ten million deeply ceaseless hover, this circles to ask at historical day, unexpectedly with national a group of things with common features promotes declining destiny to buckle close, in the wind of time nowhere stops stand for a long while.

30 years ago, china began to open pace, also open the Chinese's mind at the same time, sports became a Chinese to hold one's head high quite bosom, gain the superexcellent ground that takes dignity. The force of the whole nation, unity is strength, the road of gold, Olympic Games dreams, hundred years contemporary Olympic Games, thousands of years of ancient country is civilized, awaiting jointly perfect guess. The United States does not have world standard, but peace is friendly it is the mankind however from beginning to end appeal to beg, same a world, same a dream, tonight the world pays close attention to China, chinese oneiromancy Olympic Games.

Sports athletics lofty ideal, the Olympic Games bears the weight of dream, china seeks self-approval, more seek be affirmed by the world. From the history that ride roughshod over sufferred since the Opium War 1841, accumulated psychological scar of hundreds of years, need the group therapy of entire nation, of Beijing Olympic Games the psychological restoration that holding is pair of nation self-confidence, we hold an Olympic Games now, welcome the friend of all corners of the land, be willing to open wide bosom to build a complete mankind more in all the platform of appraise friendship.
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