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Firework 7 large classical model

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16000 firework are perforative whole journey of Olympic Games opening ceremony, peony is spent, rotate 5 annulus, red show bird's nest... yesterday evening, the firework product of a beautiful Huan of another United States annulus, made night of Olympic Games passion, the fiery trees and silver flowers that accomplished bird's nest not nocturnal day! Chinese firework person uses his actual strength, showed the wisdom of the Chinese nation to common people, revealed the culture inside information with broad and profound China.

Bird's nest is set off qualified write international firework to set off history. Open closure bird's nest and Great Wall fireworks to set off president of Inc. of group of firework of executive group general director, panda according to the 29th Olympic Games Zhao Wei makes the same score the introduction, bird's nest sets off those who realized 4 macrocosm most: Of environmental protection most, come true first " green is set off " , do not have peculiar smell without rubbish without wastepaper; Of science and technology most, apply successfully " god 6 " air blasts off wait for high-tech technology; Safe most, each spark of 16000 firework, all be in assign a feature light adequately, bird's nest is filmy peacefully nondestructive; Of the effect most, with firework the picture went out " rotate 5 annulus " , " peony is spent " , " argent chute " the design that waits for many lifelike.

Environmental protection uncovers secret: Of 16000 firework " green is mythological "

Last night 11 when, olympic Games opening ceremony enters end, spot audience discovers amazedly, the fireworks of whole journey of perforative opening ceremony is performed, did not leave a wastepaper unexpectedly residual. The bird's nest fireworks of the exceptionally grand occasion is performed, created world firework to set off history green is mythological.

Rise a year ago, panda firework company will " effect a radical cure firework is polluted " bring into scientific research task. After a year, project of this one scientific research accomplished the environmental protection legend that bird's nest sets off.

Zhao Wei is smooth say, traditional firework makes technology, need fills up heal with paper, form pressure cabin, "Paper fills up pressure cabin " it is firework is indispensable " body organ " , and the main pollution source that this also is firework. Experiment to reform repeatedly through relapsing, panda firework person was found eventually " paper fills up pressure cabin " substitute, material of a kind of new-style environmental protection, erupt effect prep above " paper fills up pressure cabin " , the solution of instantaneous total share that can ignite in firework is lighted, do not leave Ding Dian wastepaper and residual, the historic revolution that Chinese firework person had realized firework to produce " , he says.
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