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Giant aperture bright lamp enters the space tonight, 10 thousand people bless Ha

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August 15 is the traditional Chinese calendar in July 15, the tradition of according to Hainan is consuetudinary, this day is put fly " aperture bright lamp " as means of blessing of a kind of pray. How was village leaving port pressed down to make this year after 10 thousand peaceful city 26 meters tall giant " aperture bright lamp " , entitle " next harbor 7 " , affix on lamp body " cheer for the Olympic Games " catchphrase. Go up that evening 11 when 40 minutes, in hurrah of nearly 10 thousand masses " next harbor 7 " put successfully fly enter the space.

To witness this small cup is giant " aperture bright lamp " enter the space, on last night 7 when make, how is village leaving port pressed down to put lamp spot after reporter drive car drives 10 thousand peace to city, nearly 100 villagers are in finishing to be being made basically already aperture bright lamp does round off to work, and will giant " aperture bright lamp " carry on ground of a hollowness, prepare put the early days work that fly. Villager Mr Feng tells a reporter, village leaving port is made " aperture bright lamp " the history but the time with ages ago restrospect to, its dimensions does bigger more, far and near is famed, put know exactly about sth of the meeting when flying 10 thousand people are watched to the spot.

Already introduced according to the villager, this the name is " next harbor 7 " giant diameter of aperture bright lamp 21 meters, be as high as 28 meters, be equivalent to the height of a building of 10 average houses. "Next harbor 7 " use favour city paper 12 thousand pieces, the cost is close 40 thousand multivariate. They fly to this to put giant aperture bright lamp, cent became a few groups, blame of division of labor is commonly used and meticulous. "Should so big guy is put fly to the sky, can not be a simple thing, ability of about a hundred individual make concerted effort needs to succeed when putting. " the villager people say.

In the evening 9 when make, already on 10 thousand masses gather in village leaving port to prepare to watch especially big " aperture bright lamp " set off. All be all set, the villager ignited dry straw, with straw flaming air current will " next harbor 7 " chimney is maintained. But let everybody feel accident is, because wind is too big at that time, nearly 100 villagers after many setbacks hind, "Next harbor 7 " fail to be put successfully fly.

11 when 40 minutes, old day has an eye, wind speed is abrupt decrescent, put at this moment fly to this gigantic without bully absolutely good period. The villager ignited dry straw again, will " next harbor 7 " maintain, the dip that puts 5 caboodle place on circle of spider shape iron when a few young small in collusion with became full the fuel of derv is ignited. In surrounding the hurrah that watchs masses, "Next harbor 7 " rise gradually. At this moment the firework that the villager also ignited the ground to go up, gun salute, bright firework and aerial " aperture bright lamp " hand in photograph reflect, braid a gorgeous scenery.
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