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Fireworks of inheritance China chiliad is civilized - the biggest distinguishing

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When closure of Beijing Olympic Games carries out total director Chen Weiya to accept a reporter to interview, say, if the opening ceremony is the beginning of a paragraph of good memory, closure is the continuance of this paragraph of good memory, mirth making a person, be able to bear or endure the person is recalled... closure show is buckled closely " harmonious, friendship, happy " theme, with China of 56 nations gorgeous for the impression, those who apply contemporary, concise, internationalization state means abstraction and create again, make have a period, inspect aural wallop brand-newly, draw satisfactory full stop and unforgettable exclamatory mark for Beijing Olympic Games.

Chen Weiya expresses, fireworks performs the one large window that is closure, its make dosage exceeded an opening ceremony. Time when 10 seconds, fireworks makes timing number in the sky, time return " 0 " when, bird's nest in the sky fireworks erupts, a tremendous round word is formed in sky, indicative and current Olympic Games ends satisfactorily.

Fall Olympic is met when the banner, the Olympic Games that color sets off in the sky of Olympic park 5 annulus and aureate 5 annulus fireworks. When holy fire goes out, "Bird's nest " the fireworks in the sky is formed " fly flow to issue 3000 rule continuously " the effect, descend from inside sky. Appear later " auspicious cloud " fireworks modelling. "Bird's nest " the triumphant Dick hotel on the side in the sky, also blast off in this one period of time " the rainbow of be reluctant to part " fireworks.

The fireworks show when closure ends is the most large-scale on the world. Tian An Men in the sky gush of numerous festival firework gives off a tremendous fireworks circle, indicate the Olympic Games drew a Beijing satisfactory full stop. 22 when come 09 minutes 22 when 29 minutes, the headroom of county of 18 areas of Beijing at the same time fireworks blossoms, with the most large-scale fireworks on the world group performance, form fiery trees and silver flowers not the grand picture of nocturnal city.

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