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Qingdao player carries off a passion of city of golden ignition island, 54 squar

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Window of people net Qingdao on August 15 message:

Yesterday evening, bank of beautiful float hill bay, the " on 54 square the wind " May still elegant demeanour as before, glorious flushed whole bay. 21 when whole, bright fireworks blossoms in 54 square in the sky, qingdao Olympic Games head the fervor that gold fired Qingdao person.

In the tourist on square, in the camera that collected this beautiful scenery fortunately oneself, or group photo, or accept as a souvenir. Initiative and the citizen that come, the Five-Star Red Flag that spreads out to get ready already and Beijing Olympic Games are met banner, initiative platoon becomes covey, cheering, crying out.

Although cannot see spot game, although cannot beautiful with Zhang Juan,celebrate together, but this a bit does not affect that passion in citizen heart, resemble spending the New Year same, citizens take out the firework fireworks of reserve initiatively, gather below the wind May, fireworks blossoms in night sky, some resembles star like chrysanthemum, some... sundry fireworks backside represented collective mood.

Full fireworks of 8 minutes, blossom the night sky on August 14, 2008.

"Zhang Juan beautifuls is the pride of Qingdao, we should feel for this kind of honor proud! "Volunteer of a match says to the reporter, hear the news and he also comes, celebrate this one special day together with these citizens. Hearing is the firework that Zhang Juan beautifuls and sets off for Qingdao girl, a few other place tourists also were joined come in acclamatory team. One comes from the tourist of Nanjing, say to the reporter, qingdao citizen can be Qingdao person to congratulate Olympic Games champion beside abstruse sail center, she very envy, serve as a Chinese likewise, see so enthusiastic atmosphere, her sense of pride is more intense also, "I am very lucky can witness all these! Qingdao person not simple! "The mobile phone of Ms. Wang keeps taking the lively scene of the spot, she says, this is engraved temporarily, can be record in annals.

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