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Fireworks of singing and dancing is ablaze and upper bay bank, honored guest of

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The parachute in maritime Gong Fan, onshore singing and dancing, sky... forum of collaboration of economy of extensive north bay is held that evening, an evening party of fireworks of singing and dancing that has grumous seaside amorous feelings is performed in seaside of beautiful the North sea, moving feeling and between 7 colour, feeling of honored guest of nearly 1000 China and foreign countries got the wind unboiled water of upper bay rises.

Towards evening, of the North sea bank voice noisy and confused, be continuous raise on 449 meters beach removed 78

21 when the left and right sides, bloom suddenly in the sky flowery " auspicious cloud " -- parachute jumping athlete began wonderful parachute jumping show. 8 athletes divide two groups, carrying respectively " extensive north " meeting banner mixes forum " extensive north " the ensign of 7 country, take wind from many meters 1000 headroom and fall, fall well and truly in maritime on built arena; A few athletes scatter the smoke that gives 7 prize in sky, some criterion high above in the sky puts a firecracker, circle and fall; Of long sleeve wide skirt " 7 fairy " finally as colored ribbon floating in the air " descend to the world " .

Colour of sky gradually dark, every piece Gong Fan illumes offshore, dizzy red rosy clouds connects sea day place mirror monochromatic. Off shore 34 rice, areas 500 Duopingmi's evening party advocate arena and beach are smooth neat, the rockery above, coco shows a full-bodied seaside amorous feelings. In fisherman's song sound, lights on fishing boat twinkles, the fisher that go to sea is pulling flue to return, collect bead girl also the hand carries on the arm Zhu Lanman carries and answer; Music turns and become clang, sea wind is blusterous, haggard and firm and persistent jack-tar defeats billow with the wind, the arm of bronze-coloured, brandish is worn quant, strike a situation full of danger; Finally, the men and women of different complexion, different national boundaries removes dance to put a song in offing jointly, play upper bay symphony jointly.

Singing and dancing rings down the curtain, after experiencing brief calm, the fireworks rise high into the air of profusion and case, a very short time catchs offing and sky that into 7 colour, the evening party also is engraved here reach a climax. "This is an evening party that is full of happy colour profusion, indicative ' extensive north ' collaboration establishs prosperity in all, also bless ' extensive north ' forum does better more. " Su Hongfei of assistant of mayor of city of evening party commander in chief, the North sea says.

Wonderful literary performance. Deng Chang is photographed

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