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The Olympic Games kicks off grandly, fireworks world the first

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Late on August 8 8 when, olympic Games of the 29th summer opens in national stadium. The graph is the grand occasion of the opening ceremony.

Changsha of China News Service on August 9 report (reporter Liu Shuangshuang) 8 days of night, when gorgeous clear this world firework illumes Beijing night sky, olympic Games of Olympic of the 29th Beijing is gradational open prelusive. Reporter Cong Liuyang bureau of city fireworks and firecrackers is newest know, the firework amount that current Olympic Games sets off is all previous Olympic Games most, gross amounts to more than 20010 hair, be before of the gross that 28 all Olympic Games set off fourfold, achieve the world Jinisi record.

The countryside clear this world of Chinese fireworks and firecrackers is whole world history the longest, dimensions the most baronial, level is top exceed, the base of property of fireworks and firecrackers with the most far-reaching influence, fireworks and firecrackers sets off the market and market of export of fireworks and firecrackers to occupy 60% above of China each. Depend on prominent dominant position, clear this world shows itself in numerous competitor, obtain Beijing Olympic Games to open closure fireworks to set off authority.

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