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Fireworks light up West Lake Expo in Hangzhou Qiantang River lively sail

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16 evening, the Qiantang River, along the canal, along with competing bloom of fireworks in China Hangzhou West Lake International Expo Twelfth lively start.

Venue in the Qiantang River, the reporter saw many people come early, including a lot of photography enthusiasts, who took the SLR camera, tripod and other professional photography equipment in choosing the best location. Fifty past seven p.m., the highlight of the opening of the West - Fireworks bright debut. Fireworks filled the night sky light up in Hangzhou, fireworks shiny red surface of the river, when the round, heart-shaped peach, small lantern-shaped blooms, and many other novelty fireworks night sky, the river bank all the audience amazed. 40-minute fireworks display, the Hangzhou into a world of joy, the audience enjoyed a close visual on the gluttonous feast.

It is understood that the opening ceremony of the twelfth West Conference with a combination of fireworks, not only embodies the innovation to do so, the concept of frugal will, but also to expand the public, visitors participation underlines the West will be close to the people, music The Office will feature the people.

It is reported that the West will be extended to Nov. 6, which lasted 22 days. The fair accordance with the "focus, build quality, and highlight the features, to expand its influence," the general, to focus on "innovation and development, harmony, quality of life" theme, inheritance and innovation, improve quality, organized a total of more than 100 exhibitions and conferences , activities and other exciting projects.

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