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Fireworks: 1400 fire officers and soldiers guard the sea sand tight

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Asian Games Opening Ceremony fireworks display is a highlight. 160,000 issued, nearly 20,000 kg fireworks safety is key security. 1,400 fire officers and men of the sea, the sand yesterday for a tight guard. 10 am yesterday, the provincial fire brigade, from Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Foshan and other seven cities officially transferred more than 500 fire officers stationed in Guangzhou City Fire Squadron 10 at this time, the province has mobilized about 1,400 fire officers and soldiers, 140 fire engines , 4 fire boats, "Zero" "resolutely defending the" personal security, to ensure that the opening ceremony of the Asian Games in Guangzhou and the main venue for the sea, the sand is absolutely safe. In the Asian Games opening ceremony last night, fire brigade, for the performance area and watch the play area and underground dressing rooms around the fire safety and other key positions of 24, set up a guard zone 5, 81 monitoring points, point to point deployment 383 fire officers and soldiers on duty, fire blanket and knapsack to carry air foam, continuous patrolling and inspection, and other aspects of performance and conduct in Performance prevent sticking. Meanwhile, sea, sand is also deployed 15 fire engines outside, the 16 million rounds of on-site, nearly 2 million kilograms of fireworks on-site duty alert, ready to be disposed of incidents. Fire Department also "cross-strait and six bridges, six heart" of regional activities in the Pearl River Tour 175 fire officers and soldiers deployed 10 fire engines, regularly organized fire fighters per vehicle patch group visits, every 1 hour may occur in the vicinity fire pouring wet places, ensure that there is fire. In addition, the provincial Fire Brigade also sent four fire boat for the entire country's top escort 45 "sight-seeing."
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