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Jinzhai County public focus on the destruction of fireworks

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The afternoon of December 6, Jinzhai County town of Red Rock in the mouth of the beach plum, conducted a public destruction of counterfeit, fake and "no name and no address, no production time," the three no products and the illegal transport, storage, sale of fireworks products activities. County safety supervision, public security, industry and commerce, quality supervision and "fighting" to do all the staff took part in the destruction activities, and some people in the scene to observe. The focus on the destruction of illegal fireworks seized 48 boxes, 42 boxes of firecrackers, fireworks 4 large boxes of soil, lead 6000, 8 boxes and other items, worth 1.5 million yuan. This year, Jinzhai County safety supervision, public security, quality and other departments in accordance with the county government's request, close cooperation, joint law enforcement, insist on focusing on the combination with the daily supervision, and further increased for the illegal production, transportation, sales and storage of fireworks crackdown on illegal activities, initially established long-term regulation of fireworks eight systems, the formation of a "unified leadership of the government, the township has overall responsibility, the department supervision according to law, public support for participation" in the working mechanism. This focus on destruction of illegal fireworks to fully show that the county government and county safety supervision, public security, industry and commerce, quality supervision and other relevant functional departments severely punished according to the law against illegal production, transportation, storage, sale, fireworks behavior determination. Since November, the township people's government according to the county government of the unified deployment, and further reinforced the illegal production, transportation, storage, sale of fireworks to combat acts of investigation and punishment. Through this focus on destruction activities, not only effectively deter criminals, educated the masses, to eliminate a large number of significant security risks and more to ensure that the majority of 2011 New Year fireworks safety of the people lay a solid foundation to create a "law, civilized, safe fireworks "safe environment to ensure the safety of lives and property.
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