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My province begins firework cracker safety to combine special inspection

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On December 17, the province is installed appoint meeting office to sit a meeting, combine special inspection job to undertake arranging disposition to firework cracker safety further.

In October since the last ten-day of a month, the whole nation produces accident of cracker of bigger above firework 12 cases in all, death 86 people, situation of firework cracker safe production is very grim. The conference asks various safety is superintended, public security, qualitative inspect, industrial and commercial wait for a branch to want to strengthen harmonious cooperate, active organization begins test of association of firework cracker safety, fulfil working obligation further, take decisive and significant step, severe blow produces action of management firework cracker illegally, promote production of cracker of complete province firework to manage safe state stability to improve.

It is reported, the province is installed appoint meeting office is the closest transmit " the State Council is installed appoint the urgent announcement that meeting office produces management accident about cracker of firework of keep within limits " , emphasize each district the value that departmental door wants sufficient understanding to do good firework cracker to produce management safety to work, clear assignment, responsibility reachs the designated position to person, measure, seize test of association of safety of good firework cracker hammer and tongs.

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