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Conference of firework cracker safe production reports platoon of hidden trouble

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Give birth to the current situation of accident of safety of great firework cracker in the light of successional recently hair, on December 3 morning, national safe production supervises administrative total bureau to hold meeting of video of special subject of firework cracker safe production in Beijing. National safe production supervises deputy director general of administrative total bureau to Sun Hua hill attends the meeting and speak, liang Jiakun of total bureau deputy director general moderates.

Video will be main content: Communicate study the Party Central Committee, the State Council to lead drive of important written instructions, report case of accident of safety of cracker of near future firework, deploy near future superintends the job to the firework cracker safety before next year Spring Festival, be on guard accident of cracker of heavy especially big firework.

On the meeting, sun Hua hill analysed the outstanding problem that exists in job of safe production of current firework cracker above all. Point out, cracker of our country firework produces craft to lag behind, mechanization rate is low, content of science and technology is low, intrinsic safety rate is low, from level of culture of personnel of course of study low, safe consciousness is poor, foundation of industry safe production is very fragile. Firework cracker safety manages the job to still be put in a lot of weak point, superintendency power is insufficient, job of basic level of existence of a few areas is not fulfilled, execute the law lax wait for a problem, cause have make be no good, have ban more than phenomenon to exist generally.

Face current and grim safe production situation, sun Hua hill asks, various places should take drastic step instantly, take strict precautions against defend to the last, accident of determined keep within limits happens; Instantly deploy begins hidden trouble platoon to check in the round again, 3 exceed key processing “ to change ” and “ 3 violate ” problem; Fulfil “ to lay blame ” blame further, carry high-pressured situation state, severe blow produces action of management firework cracker illegally; Continue to begin chloric acid Potassium deep special processing, gravity is investigated violate act of Potassium of compasses sale, use chloric acid; The security that enhances firework cracker to manage link is superintended, ensure firework cracker is managed, store safe; Serious accident investigates processing and responsibility to find out; Continue to begin firework cracker safe production special superintend and director is checked; Study the plan of effect a permanent cure of safe production of formulate firework cracker, the security that achieves firework cracker industry develops.

Finally, liang Jiakun emphasizes, face current firework cracker safe production grim situation, we must implement the written instructions spirit that implements the Party Central Committee, the State Council to lead a comrade seriously, according to the deploy of total bureau leading Party group, unite a thought further, improve knowledge, arrive from now on during the Spring Festival this paragraph of special period, be aimed at outstanding issue, take decisive step, take strict precautions against defend to the last, catch safe production of good firework cracker solidly each job, turn round current accident to send impetus more stoutly, ensure firework cracker produces stability of situation of safe production of management busy season. Each province wants to will implement the concrete step that implement at total bureau general office signing up for before December 10.

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