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The announce that safety of cracker of good about doing firework manages

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Already entered firework cracker to manage peak period at present, manage to enhance firework cracker security further, market of normative firework cracker manages order, severe blow produces action of management firework cracker illegally, ensure safety of people life property, according to " regulation of firework cracker safety " (the State Council the 455th order) , " firework cracker business certificate implements measure " (the country installs inspect total bureau the 7th order) concerned regulation, manage concerned item announce to be as follows with respect to safety of cracker of our city firework now:

One, build safety of perfect firework cracker to run a system further, severe blow is produced illegally, manage, carry, store firework cracker behavior. Install according to the State Council appoint meeting " the announcement that produces action of management firework cracker illegally about further severe blow " (how appoint 2006 〕 of 〔 3) requirement, the key fulfils area, town (agency) the safe superintendency responsibility of government of two class people, cogent strengthen basic level to superintend force, build responsibility to find out a system, illegal to blow production manages not do one's best of firework cracker behavior, want to investigate the duty of relevant unit and personnel lawfully, form dereliction of duty to commit a crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully.

2, firework cracker production, manage, carry, set off executive administration to allow a system. Without the license, any units or individual must not be engaged in firework cracker production, manage, carriage activity, must not hold fireworks evening party or other and large fireworks to set off an activity.

3, according to " firework cracker manages a license to implement measure " the 4th the 2nd section provision, firework cracker is retail business certificate by each area safe production supervisory management department is examined extend. Safe production controls each area management department according to " firework cracker manages a license to implement measure " requirement, make good firework cracker seriously retail management administration permits the work, strict examine and verify.

4, firework cracker is retail operator ought to offer application to supervisory management department of safe production of government of place area people, accord with " firework cracker manages a license to implement measure " the management condition of the 9th regulation.

5, safe production supervisory management department should strengthen city the safety of firework cracker production and wholesale business is superintended, carry out the contract that buy goods to put on record seriously with system of the special management that seal an autograph, undertake strictly checkup to offerring the qualification of money business, want to publish list of the company that offer money to whole town before December 31, 2007, the firework cracker product that puts on record without the contract forbids to appear on the market manage.
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