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Safe production conference: Ensure firework cracker produces safety of managemen

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The meeting of special subject of safe production of cracker of complete province firework that holds today asks, various and departmental door must meet the austere condition of safe production of current firework cracker adequately, heighten sense of responsibility and sense of urgency further, place superintendency work of firework cracker safety in Chongzhongzhi's serious prominent place, be aimed at current and actual, take drastic step, ensure the near future produces management safety to cracker of the firework before next year Spring Festival.

The conference points out, current I save situation of firework cracker safe production to not allow hopeful, accident hidden trouble is more, great above accident has not gotten effective keep within limits, various and departmental door should hold a key, farther aggrandizement produces the safety of enterprise of enterprise, shutdown stop production to superintend. Severity investigates privately room of rental cent contractor, exceed permissive limits production and the act that violate cracker of firework of Potassium of compasses use chloric acid or production of other banned remedy.

Should supervise and urge did not obtain firework cracker to manage (wholesale) the management unit of licence, accelerate the rectify and reform and files licence plan of storage facilities. To already acquiring the company of firework cracker business certificate, should from purchase link to begin whole journey to supervise its to manage action.

Conference requirement, each district should organize public security instantly, how inspect, qualitative inspect, industrial and commercial wait for a branch to manage firework cracker behavior to make be discharginged in the round check and execute the law jointly to illegal production.

As we have learned, since this year, my province produces firework cracker accident 9 cases in all, be like judge accident of explosion of Shui Zaojiang “2·5” , Baoding mounds smooth “10·30” is especially big explosive accident. Among them 5 belong to illegal production to manage firework cracker accident, cause 8 people death, hold accident gross and dead number respectively 55% with 36% .

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