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Fireworks and firecrackers packs design contest 300 thousand large award you are

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First China (clear is in relief) fireworks and firecrackers packs a design contest general in October 26-29 day is in clear this world is held. The contest faces the whole nation to be collected extensively take part in the match work, the setting weighs award, be in the 8th China clear is in relief (international) prize-giving ceremony is held on closure of section of fireworks and firecrackers. The contest invites sincerely enterprise of personage of elite of group of the design that pack, fireworks and firecrackers and relevant enterprise to take an active part in.

Set of contest of the design of fireworks and firecrackers that pack is the following award:
Study award one of a bonus 10 thousand yuan of RMBs;
Renown bonus of gold prize 5-10 every one 10 thousand yuan of RMBs;
Renown bonus of silver-colored award 5-10 every five yuan RMB;
Renown bonus of cupreous award 10-20 every two yuan RMB;
Commemorate award a certain number of names.
(the bonus before above bonus all is duty)

International firework net is partner of government of organizing committee of division of fireworks and firecrackers of in relief international of the 8th clear, the unit that joins fireworks and firecrackers to pack design contest of purpose or individual can contact matters concerned signing up with international firework net. International firework net packs design unit to open net inn freely to be used at revealing conduct propaganda to pack to design work to take part in the match at the same time, sign up advisory phone: 0731-3671200 fax: 0731-3671201.

Sign up to fill in please fax of the following information comes 0731-3671201 or send mail to Dumdum@126.com

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