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Detailed date orchestrates activity of section of fireworks and firecrackers of

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The longest firecracker sets off the whole world auspicious Ni Siji records creation activity on October 26 15 when come 18 minutes 15 when 58 minutes
The nocturnal ” of opening ceremony and “ clear Yang He is large fireworks literary evening party on October 27 19 when come 18 minutes 22 when 18 minutes
Match of fireworks of music of the 2nd international on October 28 19 when come 45 minutes 21 when 45 minutes
The 3rd annual meeting reached international firework association 29 days on October 27
“ optimizes economy to develop open forum of clear of area collaboration ” (the first) came 29 days on October 27
First fireworks and firecrackers packs design contest and fireworks and firecrackers to pack exposition to came 29 days on October 26
Greet new product of Olympic Games firework to set off an activity on October 29 19 when come 18 minutes 20 when 8 minutes

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