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1 million citizens contend for river of pond of money of assemble of each countr

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Late on November 3, a lot of audiences are taking mobile phone and digital watch for a chance patting firework, they come down this beautiful scenery record in succession

On November 3 in the evening 7:45, congress of firework of international of 2007 Hangzhou west lake is in money Jiang Yiqiao, Qian Jiang is held between 3 bridges and money Jiang Siqiao.

The greatest musical firework evening party

A few gules signal flare are sent to the middle of sky, " interstellar big fight " music sound is transmitted from river side, on river side 7 groups of argent comet are shot continuously to the sky. In the sky, the firework modelling such as peony, chrysanthemum enters the space in succession as musical rhythm.

Current firework evening party is Hangzhou city the 3rd year firework of large-scale on Qian Tangjiang discharge, also be dimensions of throughout history of Hangzhou of the “ that be called the biggest, enclothe the ” of musical fireworks evening party with the widest range. Come from official statistic, have 1.1 million person about the spot viewed firework plenary meeting last night, set off 100 thousand firework that come from world each country and firework of 25 thousand headroom in all.

The Xi Ziying of “ of cent of firework evening party of 3 days of evening is He Hui of guest, Qianjiang, clever concealed pulls spirit of energy of beautiful, Xi Bo, harmonious Hangzhou, happiness tomorrow ” theme of 6 big canto, with money Jiang Siqiao is a bound, on cent, downstream two mark paragraph set off at the same time.

The firework that set off on November 3 comes from world each country: Firework of satellite of Germany of thousands of hair shows sector to blast off, or the topple the mountains and overturn the seas like billow of the pond that be like money, or blossom eagerly in sky like peony, or sway along with wind like willow wave dance. Come from France spit bead firework with of all kinds circular chart case is given priority to, it may be said is Shi Yifei of “ fiery trees and silver flowers, the Supreme Being child issue ” of emerald green willow by wind. Sea of “ of newest modelling firework cleans out Australia sanded ” firework, be like water to chase billow, more than one wave height. Italian “ has mutual affinity ” firework, one string strings together ” of “ bright red lantern to wave facile and graceful is aspersed, pensile horizon.

Come down in torrents of 1000 meters of chute and below

" Gemini chute " sound rises, money Jiang Siqiao (revive big bridge) on below abrupt come down in torrents 1000 firework chute of Mi Kuan, formed the grand picture that waterfall pours in water. In the meantime, the “ in Qian Tangjiang rises ” to remove ” of “ red day one round. Both sides scene hands in photograph reflect, formed sunrise of a the eastern side in the west strange elephant of rain. For a short while, audience hip is incessant Yu Er.
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