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Severe install to catch city of firework cracker safety appoint can hold arouse

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6 days, city is installed appoint can hold touch a mass rally, arrange firework cracker safety to platoon of key hidden trouble is checked and govern special operation.

Draw near two, enter firework cracker to produce management busy season again, accident of safety of countrywide firework cracker happens one after another. Happen in the our city to prevent this kind of accident, install by city appoint can take the lead, city installs the branch such as bureau of inspect bureau, public security bureau, qualitative inspect and industrial and commercial bureau to cooperate each other, begin safety of this firework cracker to hidden trouble platoon is checked and govern special operation. The key of special operation is, cracker of severe blow firework is produced illegally, manage, store use act, increase right already the superintendency that the firework cracker that stop production close down rectifies produces management business, investigate a platoon to check undertake contracting with all sorts of means, name the illegal behavior such as relet, the safety administration work that does good firework cracker to manage.

To ensure this special operation obtains actual effect, city is installed appoint meeting general comprises two superintend group to go to superintend of each county area.

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