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Conference of special repair work holds security of cracker of entire county fir

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On November 30, 2007 morning, conference of special repair work is in safety of cracker of entire county firework 4 buildings assembly room holds prefectural government. Bureau of supervisory bureau of leader of be assigned personal responsibility for of each villages and towns and prefectural security, public security bureau, traffic, religion appoint, the unit leader such as company of industrial and commercial bureau, qualitative inspect bureau, censorial bureau, supply and marketing attended the meeting.

The conference communicated safety of cracker of whole town firework spirit of conference of site of beautiful mountain of special repair work, the problem that analysed existence of work of safety of cracker of my county firework seriously and the situation that face, work of special to safety of cracker of entire county firework repair undertook arranging disposition in detail. The leader of 3 units still became company of supervisory bureau of security of the county on the meeting, public security bureau, supply and marketing congress makes a speech. Tan Huiwu of subprefect of government of members of standing committee of county Party committee, county attends a meeting and make important speech. Conference decision begins by a definite date inside entire county limits since December 1, 2007 the safe hidden trouble of 3 months is big are checked. Conference requirement: Various and departmental door wants entire county to absorb accident of safety of cracker of firework of beautiful hill “10·21” to teach a lesson seriously, draw inferences about other cases from one instance, elaborate organization, stress position of key area, key, serious platoon checks safe hidden trouble; Each villages and towns should make clear responsibility, careful deploy, person of responsibility of government of villages and towns is firework cracker safety the person of the first responsibility of special punish, want personnel of special subject research, safeguard and working funds, solid begin special repair work; Each villages and towns heads company of village wanting a bag, layer upon layer sign target responsibility book, adopt stare at one, crowd of dot village company, key stares at the method counterpoise that the person stares at a person dead to look prison; Want to start masses adequately, expedite news channel, award informs against behavior, check of behavior of cracker of firework of illegal to informing against production is belonged to solid, reward 1000 yuan by prefectural government; Illegal to informing against sale, store, check of behavior of carriage firework cracker is belonged to solid, reward 500 yuan by prefectural government; Various and departmental door wants integrated power, maintain pair of tortious high pressure to hit state with the artifice of iron, severe blow is illegal production, sale, store, behavior of carriage firework cracker, ensure safe production situation stabilizes entire county.

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