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Conference of firework cracker safe production reports platoon of hidden trouble

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On the meeting, total bureau danger changed water of grand of department director king to report case of accident of cracker of firework of near future whole nation. Gong Anku of superintendency bureau director reports safety of province of Xie Guangxiang of director of superintendency bureau of Hunan Province security, Shanxi to save accident of cracker of near future firework originally respectively circumstance and next working measure.

Total bureau is in about department bureau chief, concerned association controller advocate the assembly room attends the meeting, supervisory management board of safe production of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and large unit of Xinjiang production construction basically is in charge of cracker of person and controller of be assigned personal responsibility for, firework or dangerous chemical safety superintending the crew of place room, firework cracker key produces area and firework cracker accident to send safe production of be put in charge of government of people of class of area city, county more the job is led and controller of safe production supervisory management board passes video conference system to attend the meeting.

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