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"Harmonious night " Chinese firework will be held in hamburger general set off g

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According to report of China News Service: Came on September 13 German hamburger held the unique royal China part inside the total heart limits that gives priority to a problem with ” of “ China times on October 1.

According to Germany " gazette of European economy vogue " report, in the airport of hamburger, dock, public transportation platform, everywhere paste wears the propagandist placard that writes full Chinese: The Aersite of azure blue is standing tall and upright in lake water one waits for the aureate megalosaurus that fly, brush book below of model of written characters of “CHINA TIME 2006 HAMBURG” is falling everything is communicating the Chinese Long Yinzhang …… of a seal cutting clearly a theme: Chinese times.

The activity develops component for 5 big fields: Economy and environment, politics, society and law, culture and vogue, education, science and sports, aim all-around show the scene with Chinese much colorful appearance.

Organizing committee of Chinese of ” of “ China times will transplant a large activity to hamburger downtown Aersite lake, removed very the name with refined amorous feelings: “Evening party of harmonious firework of nocturnal ” China.

Late on September 13 8 when begin, this water area will be hanged count a Chinese bright red lantern completely, ship of about a hundred size will swim during dagger, the music music of a long time ago China tradition is played in the lake. On two barge of the berth in water, bearing the weight of cracker of firework of characteristic of hundreds kinds of China, will rise at nightfall in succession in the time of whole evening empty, flowery blossom. It is reported, the firework that this the nocturnal ” place of “ harmony sets off, the ” of section of Japanese “ oriental cherry that amount and time go than be being lifted every year here is times more, those who see the scale of the nocturnal ” of “ harmony is numerous.

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