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Judge 550 thousand fireworks and firecrackers experience is white execute the la

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In the past, the farmer sells grain to once had happened to hit white a phenomenon, public security bureau of the county in peacefuling nowadays executes the law to also hit “ white a ” , print of column of people hot line sent incoming letter of a masses, the person lets very furious after looking.

On August 13, 2005, factory of fireworks and firecrackers of exit of Song of gold of county of the chestnut on Jiangxi province and get on the deliver goods car that chestnut county loose this world exports factory of fireworks and firecrackers to be in the county in peacefuling through Liaoning province collects fees 10 thousand times when the station, zhang Limin of policeman of group of public security of public security bureau of the county in be being peacefuled, Geng Yugang violates ” of carriage firework cracker with “ for goods distrain, opened a piece to did not autotype already, ” of sequestered without the “ of official seal also detailed list. On September 28, 2005, on December 7, 2005 afore-mentioned 2 people with same argument distrain two cars goods, value of 3 cars goods is total 558 thousand yuan. Up to now time is fast a year, still did not receive public security bureau of the county in peacefuling to be opposite any processing opinions of this case. Goods by distrain hind, consignor provided all sorts of legal procedures to public security bureau of the county in peacefuling and public security group, but nobody pay attention to. Consignor says, after hearing of sequestered goods a few days later, zhang Limin, Geng Yugang grows to sell its with respect to group of public security of in collusion with, money also did not hand in finance. (on August 9 People's Daily)

Who can think of this is in namely execute the law? What distinction do this kind of behavior and road gangster have? Sequestered detailed list should autotype want become effective of ability of affix one's seal, this most the common sense of at least understands even consignor, do not know as the policeman that execute the law? Of unimaginably queer making a person is, autotype to be being done not have already, ” of sequestered without the “ of official seal also detailed list the elementary mistake such as this, become thing policeman not only the face is not red not white, and the illegal behavior that public security bureau of city of island of calabash of branch of superior of public security bureau of the county in peacefuling also replaces a policeman actually is exculpatory, say “ did not violate ” , special still emphasize “ sequestered detailed list going up to did not build official seal not to affect legal effectiveness, did not autotype also never mind, because of jural autotype without the requirement ” .

It is extremely big jest really! Do not autotype connect a bottom root to be done not have, and still not affix one's seal, who knows you is this individual behavior or functionary action? To say the least, although this “ is white an admit posthumously that ” after the event gets public security body, can regard legal action as, didn't that sequestered thing fulfill any legal procedures to be sold off to do namely why to explain? It is illegal distrain first, next, did not fulfill any formalities to be sold off, around connection rises in light of, is it possible that don't this autotype not is the sequestered detailed list of affix one's seal to be later period privately to sell off a of goods to be designed beforehand?

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