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One firecracker storehouse produces Liaoning battalion mouth explosive accident

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Firecracker storehouse explosion a sea of fire of bellman of one storeroom collapse flees for his life two people die

The firecracker storehouse be on fire that place of miscellaneous company of day of city of bridge of a big stone belongs to, cause firecracker to light explode, a storeroom collapses, two people die

Make an appointment with on September 7 afternoon 1 when 40 minutes, on the hill of north of town of city of bridge of battalion mouth big stone, one firecracker storehouse causes firecracker because of be on fire to light explode, a storeroom collapses.

The accident causes two people death, a bellman is lucky flee for one's life and call the police.

I hear “ the bang in the Pi on hill noisy, voice is bigger and bigger, of rumble grand resemble thundering, run room looks toward hill, promoted a big black smoke, see then flew all over the sky paper of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun. Home ” makes an appointment with 200 meters of far Ms. Chen ladies to say from storehouse.

Firecracker lights exploded sound, the urban district beyond one kilometer also can be heard.

The firecracker storeroom of be on fire is located in the one horn of storehouse, at the back of storeroom, a few large trees also are lighted to explode by conflagration and firecracker sear. And the place in on the hillside after storeroom 50 meters of above, everywhere sees the firecracker that collapse comes loose.

After accident happening, the fire control of city of big stone bridge, public security, wholesome, branch that bring watch is driven quickly toward spot organization to rescue. Because hill road is narrow, can pass a car only, outside the fire engine that divides the work on hill, park is returned on the clearing of half way up the mountain many fire engine, by turns go into battle.

The forklift digs the storeroom remains of collapse, the two people that so that find,are missing in the accident.

Make an appointment with afternoon 3 when 20 minutes, the family member of the person that be missing hurries to the spot in succession, cry bitterly of partial family member rises.

Afternoon 4 when make 25 minutes, the remains of two person that be missing is found, but had done not have life evidence.

When bellman old Han of many years old 50 is found, wanting a smoke is ignited and suction a few mouth hind, ability stability comes down mood, tell about the experience that him a sea of fire flees for his life.

Laohan says, afternoon, he is arranging storeroom with additionally two people. At that time, he is holding one box firecracker in the arms to going backwards door of delivery of cargo from storage, see suddenly the flame with two much higher rule is lighted in house, the bang in firecracker Pi random in house blast rises, he throws away instantly the paper box in the hand, although such, his both hands still is died swollenly to rise by firecracker.

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