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Guizhou abide by justice residential area is built-in factory of fireworks and f

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On September 8, beijing firework does a bulletin, this city leaves went out first pieces punish sheet to violating those who set off firework cracker this year. Two set off a person to be fined 200 yuan respectively. The chief of agency of supply and marketing that sells firework cracker illegally also is given public security is detained.

On September 6, city firework does receive masses to inform against: My awake of  hydroxide  spins Chen Mei scull to go = of Chi of  of ū of leave uncovered of crowded betray of ㄈ of シ of the Song Dynasty of raw meat or fish of Xiu of which shovel ferment embraces this ┦ of  of Xi of award ň  to wake breed of virtuous  of hammer of ⒓ of  of buy of Bo Zhi of  of rudder of  of loftying  of Ni of leave uncovered ò climbing over a wall.  ⒓ basketry  of Liang of  of > of a huge legendary turtle of ぷ of lintel of Da of stupid  channel does not have Mei scull to go the car ノ of Pi of which shovel ferment is confused ┏ . be investigated after.

On September 7, basis of substation of sunny public security " safety of Beijing firework cracker administers a regulation " the administrative punishment that fines 200 yuan to setting off person Zhang Mou, Gu Mou to be made respectively, ask this unit strengthens interior management, avoid this kind of incident to happen again. Substation of prosperous smooth public security is right also at the same time the prosperous that sells firework cracker illegally makes the same score company of supply and marketing of be setting government office Yan Dan divides agency chief to give public security is detained. City firework does express, this is this year the first of processing violate the act that sets off firework cracker, broad citizen wants learn a lesson, abide by strictly be restricted to put code.

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