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Break the law put cracker year head punishs the first

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A few days ago, river of black of county of abide by justice presses down villager of Dong Jiaping village to be mirrorred to the reporter, what workshop of factory of one firework cracker sets in them is uptown inside, make be nervous of their all day long, for this, the elementary school of the village still is forced to remove.

Reporter spot sees, firework production workshop and storeroom and villager housing are jumbly together, enter each workshop at will, unexpectedly unmanned interrogate.

The reporter sees in the workshop of type of a mill, the “ on the gate prohibits smoking the catchphrase of ” awesomely marked, but when an employee is being operated, however ground of act as if there is no one else present is holding a cigarette. The reporter walks into another workshop outside the factory again, the department produces ” of canister of firework “ thunder inside discovery, its outer packing and ram all undertake in this workshop. The boss hears the news come, when facing a reporter to interview, say: “ won't have risk, do not have the thing, ” that do not have a thing.

When elementary school of village of Home Dong level ground is like the president to accept a reporter to interview, say, previously, this school is inside residential area, after the firework cracker factory since Hunan boss is garrisoned, he is anxious for the safety of children very much, decide Dong Jiaping student of village elementary school divides the school that spreads adjacent village to attend class entirely.

On September 7, the reporter will to Wu Jiang press down a government to install inspect to do, hunan boss was reported to be in outside the factory after the message of ram in the reporter, this controller that does Zhan of a surname expresses to astonish, before he expresses to will send a person instantly, go to investigate.

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