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Jilin city Chun Mingli spends total factory to explode

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Violating compasses operation is “8·19” explosion advocate the board of inquiry of many branches composition garrisons cause huge rock, the relevant responsibility person that involves an accident already was answered to put by news of police rigor control: On August 19 16 when 20 minutes or so, the Jilin city Chun Mingli that is located in guard of black mouth of huge rock city spends total factory lifetime to produce workshop happening to explode, cause 6 people death in all up to 20 days of zero hour, 3 people are injured. 20 days of before dawn do not treat the person that Jilin city Chun Mingli spends an injury in accident of explosion of total factory “8·19” die, dead number reachs 7 people. In the meantime, this the accident has been maintained to attach most importance to big safe liability accident, by straightforward style board of inquiry launched investigation in the province. Various ministry ancestry adopts measure it is reported for a short while, wang Min's governor makes written instructions instantly after accident happening: Go all lengths cure the wounded, prove accident cause. Vice-governor Li Jinbin and bovine navy also make written instructions respectively, the branch does the deal with problems arising from an accident such as relieve a sick or injured person of good fire rush to save life and property, the wounded and accident investigation to handle the work related the requirement. Still emphasize should draw a lesson, put an end to this kind of incident to happen again. The worker transfers firework cracker various government also made quick response with concerned branch. Xu Jian of mayor of city of governor assistant, Jilin's first-class leader visits trouble spot to direct rescuing work of rush to deal with an emergency, put forward to make clear a requirement to working next. After receiving an accident to report, the province installs Zhang Peilin of Ding Weidong of inspect bureau director, deputy director general to guide concerned personnel to hurry to the spot instantly, comprised quickly by the province safe production superintendency bureau takes the lead, labour union of province Public Security Department, province, province is censorial hall and the accident board of inquiry that save a procuratorate to be a member, assemble 2 explosion expert is driven go to trouble spot to participate in an accident to investigate the work, undertake conciliatory to casualties staff family member. On August 20 13 when 30 minutes, huge rock municipal Party committee, municipal government held whole town safety to work urgent meeting, put forward to enter ” of month of activity of “ safe production since August 20, thorough checks whole town safe hidden trouble. Experience case average per capita is controlled by police huge rock city started huge rock city to produce safe accident lash-up for a short while beforehand case, established spot headquarters, set relieve a sick or injured person of spot rescue, medical treatment, safety to guard, the newspaper sends aftertreatment of investigation of information, accident, be apt to 6 working groups. Disclose on the press conference that board of inquiry held yesterday, the preliminary conclusion that at present relevant section investigates is: The accident is caused. The reporter understands from public security bureau of huge rock city, dispatch in all after accident happening 300 Yu Jingli undertakes the spot is rescued and maintain order. Always involve this to have the relevant responsibility person of the accident at present, all be controlled by police rigor, procuratorate of huge rock city also has intervened ahead of schedule. Explosion did not cause Du Zhixin of director of bureau of environmental protection of city of air pollution huge rock to tell a reporter: After “ accident, environmental protection bureau undertake monitoring to accident ground air for a short while, as a result indication explosion did not cause pollution to air. And accident ground is apart from residential area further, local dweller need not be this alarmed. ”160 thousand yuan of family members do not approbate every dead compensate Li Mou of worker of beautiful total factory expresses Jilin city Chun Mingli, the factory was all workshop workers that contact gunpowder to go up to be sure, this also is everybody all the time since be at ease a when work over main reason. Yesterday afternoon, family member of the person that insurance company staff member comes to die in an accident leaves the hotel of couch, study compensate pays matters concerned. 20 days afternoon, group of aftertreatment of accident be apt to is talking things over with respect to compensatory problem and family member, every dead is OK compensate pays 160 thousand yuan, but this one word has not get the dead's family member approbate, talk things over still afoot. Save oneself: Hide in the corner reporter that does not have combustion content to come to Bo Ren hospital of huge rock city again, the person that in area of 4 buildings ward two are hurt is Xie Fengying of 34 years old and Wuchun hill of 42 years old respectively, two people's current condition is stabler, dangerous without life. The Wu Chunshan of the survival in the accident told about the circumstance when the accident brokenly: “ we the platform that 6 people build manufacturing firework in the manufacturing workshop of 10 much square metre, because there still are 3 workers to be being produced inside at that time, our specially seeks advice to safe personnel and licensed hind, just begin construction. 16 when 20 minutes or so, yan San (Yan Haipeng) let me go out take a board, I just gave a doorway, listen to blare of ‘ banging ’ only, did not know …… with respect to what”relatives and friends still expresses, originally still 2 workers want to participate in construction, but because elsewhere brushs glass at that time, hid fortunately. The reporter understands, this factory can be divided for “ workshop of ” having drug and “ do not have medical ” workshop two parts, the workshop that explodes this is workshop of ” of the canister inside “ , basically be a bag job that has explosive, xie Fengying and the dead's Du Xiaohua work in this workshop. Because Xie Fengying leaves gunpowder further, and ground of the resource when explosion climbs to the corner that does not have combustion content, just escape by the skin of one's teeth. Gallant: “ king is old 7 ” rescue many fellow worker the worker inside much name factory is being accepted when interviewing, happen to coincide the ground is mentioned king is old 7, king is old 7 renown king are evergreen, be absent at that time explosive spot, but he develops the site for many times after accident happening, rescued many fellow worker early or late. The reporter enquires with all possible means yesterday afternoon found “ king old the home of 7 ” , regrettablly “ king is old 7 ” were not in the home, its wife tells a reporter: “ his early in the morning hurrieds back factory, saying is to go back clear the spot. ”Firework cracker carries somewhere else 20 days morning, the reporter comes to firework factory again, a few workers are making up the firework cracker that case becomes in a workshop toward barrow, preparative carry is gone to somewhere else. In them ahead is in 50 meters, have a few have not the clastic rock that there's still time clears. A worker tells a reporter, explosive car span leaves 100 meters here is close, already complete raze to the ground. At ordinary times the factory has firm demand to entering the car of the factory, all car must have antistatic function to just allow to enter. But this paragraph of time because construction, a lot of tractors move back and forth inside the courtyard, some just is in cover in vent-pipe, compare danger it seems that.

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