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Big burst of Chinese firework crate seizes 2 lives to inflict heavy losses on 3

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Former times of peaceful horse border land collect county is uptown park of unit of firework cracker store is replete cracker of firework of entrance of each type China is giant crate box explodes, 2 porter are died by scamper on the spot, 3 person that suffer serious injury send a courtyard rescue.

Many around a house owned by a citizen by scamper bad. The loss estimates hard temporarily, save an unit to always dispatch about each join in saving the action.

Zhou Yi in the morning 9 when, be located at black from old horse Mu Shan to an outpost of the tax office 12 kilometers, former times of government office of card of the Song Dynasty on the side of swimming-pool of political situation of collect county town a building of 7 3 buildings Gaomin belongs to a book 2 times to pull among them auspicious (Tai Xinglong) the park before inn of business of firework cracker entrance is giant crate box, 5 workers are carried on this crate box just entered the mouth legally from China cracker of of all kinds firework enters above when 2 units deposit, somehow this crate box explodes suddenly.

2 are carrying firework to be died by scamper on the spot, 3 suffer serious injury to be sent courtyard rescue, discharge civilian building together at the same time by scamper bad.

The concerned unit such as the government always dispatchs join save suffer strand other inside inn employee to reach around public figure, detonation alarms whole former time collect county area, cause Song Ka at the same time attention of government office government and take seriously.

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