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The director sells firework by wife gas station

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County of booth of Sichuan province salt is apart from gas station this only 30 meters firework cracker retail retail sales already was instructed to shut

On July 31, salt wells balanced prefectural police receives masses to inform against, cracker of many 400 firework was hunted down inside one storehouse, this find out to approve firework to install Feng Guangxun of inspect bureau director for this county after wife Li Chunhua is all. At the beginning of August, the cracker of one place firework that Li Chunhua manages in the county is bit retailer branch be concerneded is instructed shut, near this retail dot distance one gas station is controlled 30 meters only. 26 days, the reporter heads for salt to well balanced learn when investigation, this county discipline appoint already instructed Feng Guangxun to make written self-criticism.

Witness: Firework retail sales and gas station of one street lie between

26 days morning, in insider how-to below, the reporter found the firework cracker retail sales that Li Chunhua manages in the county. According to all round businessman introduction, this retail sales began to manage 2003, but at the beginning of this month abrupt close down up to now. Businessmen know Li Chunhua of operator of this retail sales is the wife that this county brings inspect bureau director.

The reporter sees, this retail sales is located in county person wagon flow to measure more article go the same way to fall paragraph, with this retail sales of one street lie between, awesomely a gas station is being cheered for car. Reporter range estimation one, gas station and distance of firework retail sales make an appointment with 30 meters or so. According to all round masses introduction, this gas station is early had existed before Li Chunhua manages firework retail sales, plum after firework retail sales opens business, firework retail sales and gas station are managed for a long time at the same time. Although this gas station is in charge of person gas station selling only,wash an oil and derv, but before the reporter still sees a lot of autocycle, will cheer.

Although “ is apart from gas station so close, li Chunhua still did relevant formalities. Set related ” basis, firework of saline booth county is retail the management qualification of retail sales installs inspect bureau to be in charge of examining by this county. The reporter sees, this firework retail sales is welled balanced by salt the county installs inspect bureau number to be 6 retail sales.

Inform against: The director that bring watch is suspected of carrying firework illegally

The reporter in interviewing is informed, saline booth police hunted down a batch of firework cracker that are suspected of be being carried illegally in storehouse of company of this county seed at going up 31 days month, the host of cracker of this batch of firework is Li Chunhua. The reporter heads for storehouse to undertake examining, understood relevant situation through the insider.
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