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Industry of cracker of firework of city high a city develops concentration punis

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It is Sichuan province likewise 3 rivers of city high a city are pressed down, similar dispute law produces accident of firework cracker explosion, different is, the casualties that causes this is compared last time more disastrous.

Especially astonishing is, 3 rivers are pressed down because happen,produced accident of firework cracker explosion illegally to just make an inspection to whole town together this year in March, mere after 5 many months, the accident of explosion of cracker of illegal production firework with a more serious accident aftermath happened again. The action that why produces firework cracker illegally is banned repeatedly in 3 rivers town more than? Why is hematic lesson pressed down in 3 rivers by ignore? By who should be this to remove serious safe accident to assume responsibility again?

Such propagandist catchphrase appears in local much place

The interest is driven

Generator risk danger in desperation

Dispute of cracker of illegal production firework the thing of constant danger, “ relative strength kisses the Shu Jia that resembles leading to this accident what is more,the rather that like two brother for ” . Be what reason lets their make a reckless move? The reporter investigates discovery, the sudden huge profits that the reason produces in firework cracker.

“ they two brother are gain money. ” is a bit far from explosive dot but the insider that still is surnamed easy by percussive tells a reporter, 1999, shu Jia two brother go out first the manufacturing technology that studies firework cracker, after coming back, two brother begin to produce firework cracker, “ but do smally ” . 2000 second half of the year, two brother begin to ask a person to be produced in the home, dimensions begins to do big. 2003, two brother begin to build the Xiaolou in remains of the melt into in exploding this. 2004, xiaolou building is entered. “ that building is very luxurious! ” with Shu Jia this the insider that two brother are kin of a member of the same clan says, the business that is firework cracker lets Shu Jia two brother are rich rise. “ but what pass then is the life that laps blood on blade. This insider says ” , cheating the periphery that cross a village, have firework of many “ underground ” with easy home cracker produces a drop.

If inform against

A member of the same clan concerns with respect to bad part

Violate the mill that produces firework cracker, hide in a house owned by a citizen mostly, although very concealment, but all round of dweller or know the inside story. The reporter sees, on the wall that presses down building of a few dwellers in 3 rivers, it is inscribe is mixed for the catchphrase of division of public security of public security bureau inform against a phone (82272237) . Why the dweller is apathetic to these illegal behavior, cannot stand bravely to inform against? “ is to lower his head to disappear look up the villager of home village or town that see, how good inform against. One language spoke a when ” lives around explosive dot dweller that also surnames easy reason.
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