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Case of explosion of Shandong fireworks and firecrackers is found out, what invo

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Zhejiang saves safe production committee to issued an announcement recently, requirement each district is strengthened unlawfully posses illegally illicit the government that controls firework cracker, to having the daily supervisory inspection that produces a business, investigate stoutly super- ability, exceed a license limits, exceed medicine (content) the volume level, action that transcends fixed number of persons to organize production, strengthen the safety that produces field company to exiting to superintend, inform against through masses feel with daily platoon put an end to the act that violates management firework cracker. Enter after autumn, it is busy season of new personality marriage. Hangzhou is ferial ban carry out, set off firework cracker, but new personality is in marry hard to avoid should set off cracker that day. Businessman also leave no stone unturned, privately is sold from illegal channel replenish onr's stock. Last week, yu Hang area installs inspect bureau to receive a citizen to inform against, hunt down the firework cracker that nearly 100 box sell from Anhui privately replenish onr's stock. Zhejiang saves safe production to control management board decision, cracker of the firework outside raising a province this year offers the ” of admittance “ doorsill of money business, namely the enterprise registers capital in sales revenue of 1 million yuan of above, production 10 million yuan of above is mixed taxes of year of state of turn over to the higher authorities 1 million yuan of above 3 admittance condition. Manage the businessman of firework cracker to privately, the branch that bring watch will give gravity is handled.

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