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Marry busy season arrives firework cracker is fierce

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Two men drive to promote inferior firework cracker to Beijing from Heibei, be afraid that deal is not great or touch on police, still beg a god to do obeisance to Buddha to tower of smelt metal celestial being designedly, did not think of or be patrolled the policeman reachcaptures.

On September 1 morning, the reporter learns from public security bureau of county of Beijing close cloud, police was uncovered one case this year the Beijing after the Spring Festival first carry case of sale firework cracker illegally.

On August 30 16 when make 30 minutes, public security bureau of close cloud county patrols a large body of policeman patrols close cloud county is upper when some village crossing, the white minibus that discovers head of word of ” of look forward to of a “ is very doubtful, patrol interrogate and examine of the intercept before the policeman goes up instantly.

Via checking, the Heibei that the two people inside this car just beg a god to do obeisance to Buddha just about saves the Li Mou that outskirt of swallow of 3 rivers city presses down and Zhang Mou. Policeman from this firework of card of ” of “ colored lantern, “ is hunted down inside the car the cracker of of all kinds and inferior firework such as a red ” two box.

Original, heibei saves the Li Mou of 3 rivers city and Zhang Mou to holding the desire that sends brushstroke ill-gotten wealth before the end of the year in the arms, summer vacation time just promoted the firework cracker that illegal illicit makes too. The tower of smelt metal celestial being that two people hear of close cloud is special deities, go begging deities to bless his.

Finally, li Mou and Zhang Mou violate a fact to admit to carrying those who sell firework cracker illegally. Show 2 people to already was detained by police public security.

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