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Chengdu: Tuan of Feng of reins of Hui of land of city of deer of Qia of of leav

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The Chengdu City installs inspect bureau to express, blow produces firework cracker illegally, leading cadre of prefectural government administration is the first responsibility person

Morning paper dispatch (reporter Li Huan jade-like stone) yesterday (2) day, the Chengdu City installed inspect bureau to report firework cracker accident 5 cases to government of each city state, ask each city state strengthens fountainhead management, build firework cracker the flow direction of relevant raw material registers a system, begin platoon of cracker of illegal production firework to investigate the work instantly.

The head of a county is person of the first responsibility

Since this year, new ferry of the Chengdu City, esteem a city two counties town produces explosive accident 5 cases continuously because of producing firework cracker illegally, die 8 people, report gives cracker of illegal production firework to be in the Chengdu City especially new ferry, esteem a city two counties town is very rampant still. For cogent strengthen blow to produce firework cracker illegally to work, the bureau that bring watch asks each district wants to attack the action of cracker of illegal production, management firework lawfully.

Blow produces firework cracker illegally by the county (area, city) , countryside (town) the government is responsible, county (city, area) governmental administration leading cadre is person of the first responsibility. Various people government should strengthen the place to produce the leader that firework cracker works illegally to blow, should build a county (area, city) the government takes the lead, constituent public security, install inspect, qualitative inspect, industrial and commercial scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet waiting for a ministry to add up to the working mechanism that execute the law. Departmental door should fulfil obligation seriously, each doing his own job, each its are in charge of, cooperate closely, form join forces severity to attack the action that produces firework cracker illegally.

Build strict flow direction to register make

Chloric acid Potassium, black gunpowder, bring live wire to produce management enterprise to want to build strict chloric acid Potassium, black gunpowder, bring live wire to flow to the system that register, do not get any units to indemonstrable legal use and individual sale. Carbon of licence of firework cracker safe production must be checked when to firework cracker manufacturing company is sold, identify product of its firework cracker to permit range, detailed notes sells the item such as object, time, amount, put leave photocopy of carbon of safe production licence, flow direction registers archives keep 3 years for future reference.

Manufacturing company should build the Potassium of use chloric acid, black gunpowder, firework cracker that draws front line to be bought strictly, use the system that register, build buy soundly, use archives, record according to the facts buy, use circumstance, and keep 3 years of for future references.
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