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Egret continent " listen " firework sings

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Run after house, the duty room of mouth of gate of old Han face runs, preparation unplugs dozen of fire alarm ask for help. Do not know the reason that is insecurity, still be the phone gave trouble, he is dialed a few times repeatedly without get through, later, he runs toward the dweller home of half way up the mountain, transmitted the detonation of rumble grand after one's death.

In home of dweller of half way up the mountain, old Han Cai dialed a telephone. Laohan says: “ when I return the hill on the body to examine a case, see that storeroom had fallen, they are buried twice inside to did not come out. ”

Be subordinate to of storehouse of be on fire belongs to miscellaneous company of day of city of big stone bridge. This company Yang Guiqian's assistant manager says, since 1989, here is firecracker storehouse all the time, of be on fire is the one part of 2 libraries, depositing the firework that comes in from south. After the Spring Festival sells busy season to pass, the firework that deposits in storeroom has done not have remnant how many.

City of big stone bridge says yesterday afternoon about the branch, this is the firecracker that have accident be on fire and causes is lighted explode, two people choke in the accident death. As to the reason of be on fire, need further investigation to give affirm.

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