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Anqing in the fight against illegal fireworks production and operation of the s

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November 22, 23, Lake County, the town of Fergus fireworks warehouse Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Susong County, Anqing City Limited Wang Jian fireworks explosion has occurred (this newspaper reported Nov. 24), two cases, points Do not causing two deaths and one injury and three people were slightly injured. November 25, the reporter learned from the City of Anqing, now until January 31, 2011, the city will focus on the fight against illicit production and operation of the special action of fireworks, the city's fireworks manufacturers must be approved by Safety supervision departments to resume production after acceptance. Anqing City Administration Bureau recently to carry out operations to combat illegal fireworks production and special action to make arrangements, consolidation include: the illegal production of dens, illegal production and sale of fireworks, unlawful storage of tobacco Flower fireworks finished, semi-raw materials, acts, acts of illegal transportation of fireworks, production, management and other illegal drugs containing potassium chlorate and the behavior of fireworks, legitimate manufacturers to organize production of illegal acts Enterprises excess storage, management or sales beyond the scope of substandard products, illegal product behavior, do not follow the behavior of fireworks. During the special action, Anqing City will organize personnel to troubleshoot problems, required manufacturers of fireworks must be approved by safety regulators to resume production after acceptance. Especially the illegal production of fireworks was the focus of family and the mountains, caves, bamboo, rental housing, accommodation and other key spare parts, to the implementation of staff investigation and clean-up repeatedly, while on the road, waterway, railway stations set up Check card, severely punished the illegal circulation of fireworks, so the illegal fireworks production and operation of criminals have nowhere to escape. The illegal production of fireworks, must be resolutely smashed and identify the black powder, fireworks, drugs, and other sources of raw materials fuse and fireworks sales channels; of production tools, finished products, semi-finished products to be collected on all ; Of operating an illegal fireworks products, to further trace the origin of products, to identify the illicit production of dens and destroy the illegal production of fireworks, "industrial chain."
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