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England is rolled out " firework bury " execute firework to send God

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One can place grief of the person that be born already, the funeral that can reach the dead's wish again is the best way that pays final tribute to the person that die probably. A culture that the near future holds Aikesaite exhibits city of British southwest ministry on, ginseng exhibit a Trade Fair to show those who go out is additional kind form of funeral and interment attracts many audience eyeball. Bright " firework bury " statistical number shows, england has death of 600 thousand person every year about, 70 % use cremate means. In recent years, increasing person hopes to be see sb off of the person that die with the means of having sth new, advocate esteem dead last wish, laws of all sorts of new-style funeral and interment emerge as the times require. Heart new company reports 22 days, this one culture that the near future holds spreads out monarch area of theme of funeral and interment, join not less among them exhibit business to roll out form of new idea funeral and interment, make the audience opens horizon greatly. Fergus Gumisen is the name is " firework upper part has heaven " controller of company of funeral and interment. Introduce according to him, "Firework bury " already came out a few years ago, people begins to accept this to plant gradually now additional means of kind of funeral and interment. Alleged " firework bury " , it is to show the firework of interfuse of ashes of the dead of a dead is medium, shoot by cannon or other emitter later to night sky, blossom in night sky. The person that be born is in the firework of bright, send the person that die last Cheng. "Firework bury " consume 900 pound about (about 1800 dollars) to 1800 pound (3600 dollars) . Heretofore England already was held 36 times " firework bury " . Although,celebrity also tries " firework bury " in England or newly emerging things, but the United States is early precedented. American well-known writer, " the father of fantastic news " Hunter Thompson shot in Home A Sipeng 2005 after the suicide dies, family and friend fulfil his last wish in bitterness: Shoot his ashes of the dead to the sky with cannon. His ashes of the dead loads a big gun along with firework inside, from be located in Keluoladuo the city blasts off on a 47 meters tall tower, change do firework of bright of all over the sky. The firework of gules, white, blue and green is lighted together, lasted nearly 10 minutes, a lot of distinguished personages attended this field is peculiar " firework bury " . Thompson is held for oneself " firework bury " idea long-standing. 1978 BBC (BBC) in a broadcasted newsreel, he hopes to after he dies, shoot ashes of the dead to the sky with cannon. 1, every this net is made clear " net of international firework cracker " all work, copyright all attributes net of international firework cracker, must not reprint without this net accredit, extract and compile or use other means to use afore-mentioned work. Already this net accredit uses work, answer to be used inside accredit limits, make clear " origin: Net of international firework cracker " . Disobey afore-mentioned enunciators, this net will find out his relevant law responsibility.

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