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Of association of domestic and international firework brief

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International firework association (abbreviation of International Fireworks Association " IFA " ) , be the blame government in Chinese registration book, those who be not profitability, the organization of international firework trade that devotes oneself to development of firework industry future, headquarters is set in Chinese clear this world.

The initiates a member to be country and the area such as area of Special Administrative Region of China, United States, England, Canada, France, Holand, Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan firework of international firework association is organized. Association of company of production of each country firework, trade business, firework, research organization and relevant organization all can be acted on " equal, mutual benefit, freewill " principle, join international firework consortium, pay membership fee. Each country is in charge of the governmental orgnaization of firework to be able to be joined as observer. Academician is utilitarian and fixed the system that register, biennially is registered.
Aim of international firework association:
Devote oneself to to strengthen firework line of business the benign development of collaboration of mutual benefit of each respect equality, stimulative production, commerce, consumption.
Devote oneself to to strengthen international to cooperate, with rise and carrying the safety of firework, quality and technology.
Encourage and promote firework trade the safety of each respect, include production, carry, store, pack, major is set off and the individual sets off safety.
Devote oneself to to consolidate firework industry the definition of each respect, standard and regulation.
Provide information and help with respect to firework safety for association of firework of world each country, government sector and other organization.
Strengthen intellectual property protection, encourage all members to abide by the law of concerned brand, patent, property right and regulation.
Organize international meeting, provide the forum that undertakes communicating with respect to firework safety and arrangements of trade of firework of other concerned international.
In the ability respect of the environment that answers constant change, should give through different supportive system strengthen.
To realize afore-mentioned targets and the core profit that maintain whole society, association still begins other support to assist sexual activity.

The United States

American firework association (abbreviation of American Pyrotechnics Association " APA " ) , american firework association is the main trade association of American firework industry, held water 1948, its tenet is as follows:

Encourage safety design and the firework that use all types
Provide trade news and support for the member
Promote the regulations that firework industry can depend on the system

Place of experiment of American firework standard (American Fireworks Standard Laboratory, abbreviation AFSL) place of experiment of American firework standard is an independence, blame profitability, be in to decrease by the member of American firework industry what when consuming firework product, existing is potential and dangerous and the organization that create. Executive origin of place of experiment of American firework standard is mixed from industry of firework, insurance, federal the design that the Committee on Standard of authoritative personage, consumer and technologist composition begins each state laws and regulations and supports and performance standard. Additional, before association returns the factory that for its the member is in China to check firework product to export the United States in order to ensure its are in agree with the firework standard of association namely.

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