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Administration of firework cracker safety is epigrammatic

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Should seize safety year, cadre cannot idle.

Rather safety holds broken heart, do not let an accident kill people.

Administrative base is hit firmly, safe edifice is layer upon layer tall.

Ask safety is in strictly, accident of be slack and perfunctory comes.

Good steel relies on forge to hit, safety should father catch.

Want to eat fruit to want to guard shoot, think security personnel wants to be checked oneself completely.

Science of pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone manages, guard against arrogance puts an end to an accident.

The doctor of ill tree is woodpecker, the doctor of hidden trouble is safe member.

Be in charge of thread only, group the canal becomes a network; Be united in wedlock up and down, the accident hides hard.

Good fist is absent pattern is artful, safety does not cry on smooth mouth.

Fact of good person creed kills a person, give an accident give the green light only.

Implement a measure, surpass 10 catchword.

Administrative key point opens his eyes shut, those of this bend over has the accident.

The important matter is changed small, the lesson searchs hard; Bagatelle was changed, future trouble is not little.

Do not be afraid that 1000 days are tightened, be afraid of only loosen temporarily.

The disease is entered from the mouth, the accident goes out by the pine.

The rope covers loose capture not to live evil wolf, system pine cannot prevent disaster.

Good hunter cannot leave steel rifle, good team cannot leave regulations.

The system is not whole, accident hard to avoid.

Light is told do not move, at thing no use.

The safety precaution is ordered finely, accident precaution has assure.

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