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Fireworks and firecrackers is packed with culture

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Firework product regards a kind of masses as festival consumable, love by more and more consumer place, increase by degrees as the year after year of market demand, firework industry got health develop with what last in order.

Pack the main component that regards firework as the product, besides indicate beyond manufacturer home, time and caution content, the another extension of the culture connotation that designing the product outer packing with elegant, distinct personality is firework is reflected.

As laminating technology and UV light oily technology packs the promotion application of the industry in color print, firework outer packing is more " old appearance is changed new colour " , surface color is more bright-coloured, abiding, paper is more shining, hold out draw together, moistureproof performance is more good, more accept consumer favour.

Design of course of action of the firework skin that pack, presswork, laminating (or on UV light is oily) hind, be in firework enterprise directly enclose a workshop to finish enclose put in storage of box of the epigenesis that shut a skin.

Current, the firework enterprise of 90% uses laminating paper to be used at firework to pack, the craft that shut a skin is enclosed in laminating paper in, skin of laminating of 80g copperplate paper is enrolled -- device of skin of laminating of 400g white paperboard is relatively common. Before paragraph because time produces an enterprise not to understand enclose those who use gum very, bring about a lot of products to export abroad hind, leather action appears to fall off badly the phenomenon with craze, common occurance of case of foreign claim for compensation. Eat one chasm to grow one wisdom, a lot of manufacturer are being used at enclosing the circumstance that the skin enrols to fall without better adhesive product, be forced to use double-faced glue or seal of the adhesive plaster that seal box, bring about manufacturing cost to rise considerably, the operation is relatively time-consuming and trival.

The promotion that glue of laminating paper heal is in firework enterprise and application, very good solution was offerred in enclosing the craft that shut a skin for vast enterprise, reduced manufacturing cost already, improved manufacturing efficiency again.

The form of a drug of dissolve of this kinds of adhesive cent and latex two kinds: Exterior of solvent heal glue shows system of state of flaxen transparent and ropy fluid, be made up by high polymer material and become, first agglutinant strong, open time is longer, can open glue continuously 50 -- 80 pieces, although glue fluid volatilizes hind, the skin enrols glue place to still have agglutinate sex, suit manual operation very much, like discovery in use process glue fluid passes thick, usable still and special thinner mix is rare use, the adhesive of this kinds of model suits copperplate action of paper answer membrane and common white paperboard answer the manual agglutinate working procedure that membrane enrols, compare with superior sexual value, already was accepted by place of a lot of exit company and a large number of use.

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