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About the folklore of fireworks and firecrackers

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In the treasury of folk literature, the myth of concerned firework and folklore are very much. These myth and folklore, past dynasties according to legend, develop ceaselessly, become the Cui Can jewel in folk literature treasury.

1. alone crural hill ghost

Fokelore is very long a long time ago, "Yan of the somebody in western hill, its grow feet beyond, one sufficient, quality not Wei person, a made chills and fever making a person. In writing fire with bamboo, fire attacks clang phonic, and on regret fear is far go " . This is the predecessor about firecracker -- the fairy tale of cracker. So, some places call firecracker cracker again.

2. Li Tian first master

Tang Chao has an emperor to call Li Shimin, li Shimin has a prime minister in feudal China to call Wei Zheng. Allegedly, power of ask forring of the Kingdom of Wei is very great, "Day runs the world, cao of nocturnal administer shade " . , one calls 8 rivers of the Dragon King of river of manager short for the Jinghe River, made a day, the capital crime that be sentenced. Wei Zheng of jade emperor life goes carrying out behead punishment. Be worth the midnight of burning hot summer at that time, after Wei Zheng faints to fall asleep, dripping of kubla khah of abrupt whole body, it is he is being killed in behead so made a day blame dragon, by tired perspire come. at this moment, li Shimin connects fan to Wei Zheng with fan 3. So, wind aids Wei Zheng, helped his behead fight a crime eventually dragon. Then, the soul of dragon blames the blame Li Shimin, often promote wind to commit the crime, the Li Shimin feel restless of faze, nocturnal night is not gotten quiet. The imperial court is obliged to send Chi Gong of treasure of father's younger brother of general the Qin Dynasty, Wei to guard bedroom palace of Li Shimin, just calculate do not have a thing in safety. But, one year 365 night, nocturnal night wants to guard, sufferred from Qin Shubao and Wei Chi Gong really. During embarrassing, a person that calls Li Tian recalls a way: With some of saltpetre sulphur is installed inside small bamboo slip, ignite explode noisy, hill calls Gu Ming, frighten all of phantom evil evil spirit ran. Come so, phantom evil evil spirit is to frighten ran, but cracker is given out aloud, still make Li Shimin cannot very good how to stop. Later, somebody recalls way, the general the picture of Qin Shubao and Wei Chi Gong is stuck on the door of bedroom palace of Li Shimin, press down phantom evil evil spirit. So, chi Gong of Qin Shubao, Wei became door-god later. Li Tian stops except what guard Li Shimin with cracker outside palace, he still comes loose with cracker drive haze miasma. Because Tang Chaozheng battle is frequent at that time, epidemic disease be current, pauper suffers disaster. After Li Tian uses this method, as expected effective. So, cracker is applied extensively at miasma of drive of exorcise evil spirits later. Later generations to commemorate Li Tian, honour the founder of a school of learning that holds him in both hands to be firecracker as form of a address for an official or rich man. Whenever the traditional Chinese calendar on April 18 Li Tian first division is met, in birthday of father of the founder of a school of learning this day, do party greatly, salvo of Chong artillery piece, kowtow kneels down, celebrate Zhu Yifan ceremoniously. This kind is consuetudinary, came 100000, acting acting according to legend, one announce follow arrives emancipatory initial stage.

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