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The world is the greatest gunpowder explodes draw mural

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Cai Guojiang is in contemporary artist of beauty of brigade of fontal city home town museum of predestined relationship of Chinese Fujian stage explodes successfully draw a world is the greatest giant gunpowder explodes draw mural. This picture is 18 meters tall, 9 meters wide, the area amounts to 162 square metre, achieve world of this kinds of picture most, the gunpowder that can weighs the world is the greatest explodes draw mural.

The spot does not explode to 5 seconds gunpowder draw mural

In explode before draw, cai Guojiang expressed ebullient creation feeling character. Introduce according to him, be in early last centuries 80 time metaphase, he was created explode this kind of art behaves draw gimmick, creation inspiration comes from the experience that sets off firework in one's childhood. Current, he been takinging this kind to explode draw art took the whole world. Return home town this to undertake creating, created the world as a result of the area of this picture and width most, add a lot of artistic difficulty and not affirmatory element, it may be said is artistic attempt and adventure.

Ignition after fuse, be less than time of 5 seconds, the world's greatest gunpowder explodes draw mural -- , " with article, akin, be born with the root " was born. This mural implied meaning is far-reaching, indicative cross-strait brethren with article is akin, be the same as a source with the root.

Collector mural is worth 100 million yuan at least

"If give this work rate, its receive price is on 100 million yuan of RMBs at least! From the point of artistic angle, it calculates all over the world a classic! " yesterday, be born in what viewed Cai state strong work after the process, mr Xie Rongjia says the well-known architect that comes from Taiwan on a special trip, senior collector excitedly.

Gunpowder explodes draw mural " with article, akin, be born with the root " creation is successful

Gunpowder explodes draw mural " with article, akin, be born with the root " creation is successful

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