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Li Bian prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan inchoate export reachs

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Nuncupative Peng Renyuan arranges Gu Fugen
My native place is in county of Jiangxi lotus Kuang (today Nanchang county) condition square village. 1935, I am opposite 13 years old, will go up along with parents chestnut city fends. 14 years old go up Yang Qi is carried sell charcoal, 20 years old begin to shift a base. For each business traveler carriage whip explodes and south hill general merchandise. Because the home is poor, marry to the ability after liberating, 1950
Year to on Su Zhen carries a team to become a worker, retire to 1987 all the time.
Go up ticket city is famed with giving cracker. Cracker village boss has this world of Hunan Heng Yang, Changsha, Xiangtan, clear to come, also have Fujian, Guangzhou and this province auspicious installs and other places to come. Travelling merchant often come and go, going up chestnut buys and other places of sea of cracker carry upgrade, Guangzhou, Yantai, Fosan, export Hong Kong, Euramerican
Reach southern Asia a few countries.
Before liberating. Go up millet cracker is the most flourishing period, should calculate the Republic of China 24 years (1935) around, produce per year cracker in those days hundred thousands of box. In Nanchang Changsha highway not before be open to traffic. Go up the carry outside chestnut city cracker, basically rely on chestnut river canalage. Li Jiang originates Yu Yangqi hill, cross from Dong Xiangxi on center of chestnut urban district, have more than 60 meters wide water. Here is the start that Li Jianghang carries. Jiang Beian relying on chestnut - set Jiangxi, Hunan two dock. Rely on south bank to have chestnut river port city. Wooden vessel is in the river come and go, it is day goes night to stop commonly. Night often has 5 in the ship of dock berth, 60. One who owns a boat and makes a living as a boatman is Hunan sweets wine more the person that hill Tong Kuang takes. It is gang of relatives and friends is managed commonly. The ship is mixed from Xiangtan outfit rice, soya bean south hill general merchandise and come, carry cracker and other are homebred and go. Every boat can install 260 to come 400 rice, the largest volume can be installed 300 to 400 box (every box forty thousand and ten noises) cracker. The cracker that each travelling merchant buys, undertake case prevents watertight to seal, brush on. "Chu Na " model of written characters, group by group after lading, boat direct current goes to Xiangtan. Hand in You Yi and, inferior fine inferior, the company transition ship such as big buy gives opening of the Yangtse River, or Xiang Nahang goes to head of Xiamen, Shan, Hong Kong, Guangzhou to export southern Asia to be taken all right; Or and other places of the Qingdao on north, Yantai. After railroad of Chinese of another name for Guangdong Province and railroad of another name for Jiangxi Province of short for Zhejiang Province build be open to traffic. Export the cracker of southern Asia and other places, advocate if arrive via Li Jiang,sweet wine the Yang Shanshi of harmonious toes disembark or via clear 10 thousand highway turn to Changsha outfit train, city of classics individual plant, Guangzhou goes to Shenzhen. Exit of have a change of luck. If encounter low water season, block of water shallow boat, have to push cracker with tall car, earth car sweet wine Kuang of the pig mother-in-law stone of hill, Tong or Lu mouth lading. The cracker with provincial sale in domestic market. It is to use tall car, earth car to take trail use more. Every car can push 4 box to arrive 6 box. Day journey sees weather stand or fall. Way is calm steep and calm. It is commonly 60 to 70 unit of distance. Group by group when cracker carries outside, often vehicle of sufficient consignor mortgage, group 10 to 30 cars. I pushed the place with farthermost foot to arrive city of accipitral pool, another name for Jiangxi Province. The course is from go up chestnut city leave, jing Tongmu, kind is changed, Jin Rui, 3 this world, Yang Qiao arrives face Jiang Zhen to transfer, from camphor, bridge east, stroke a city to arrive " accipitral pool; Or Cong Jinrui shunt, mix via the big Kuang, appropriate spring, An Fu that divide appropriate, Ji An, peaceful, 10 thousand bring city of another name for Jiangxi Province we push cracker, always take from accipitral pool Yingdanshilinbu, litchi, longan or take Gong Sha from city of another name for Jiangxi Province candy, piece candy come back, go back and forth between the journey 1500 to 2000 unit of distance, no matter blow,rain. Also no matter the day freezes coldly, rise to be felt early everyday black. Month of one or two of endure the hardships of an arduous journey, ability returns a door.
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