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Only the United States scatters the real situation

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Only the United States scatters the real situation

Buccal Song Yongming

Fireworks and firecrackers is artwork. Use the artist's pen and Chinese ink hard however to depict. Can profession with her particular kind only her inner world. Agglutinate is in that instantly affection lets people instant ground abreact, it is in that way windy bleach insignificant. It is the base of a fruit however solid is abstruse. Because she added joy for the life of people,that is, became people cannot and the life need that lack. Arrive from national celebration then of common people of the common people celebrate a festival have a baby born into the family of move to a better place or have a promotion. Fireworks and firecrackers acted her special role. Her oneself also conforms to the principle of simplicity sheet arrives complex, develop ceaselessly rise to culture grade. Become culture. This kind of culture if in front what saying is not the line that passes painter and oil clear place is shown in people before, before be shown in people through the instantaneous sex of sound, blaze however. Her only is beautiful essence in again what domain lets people experience get? We can be mixed from traditional festival only the characteristic of oneself of fireworks and firecrackers two fields hand. Why can the use predestined relationship that we talk about the fireworks and firecrackers in traditional festival first rise for a kind of culture.

Fireworks and firecrackers is people what live daily is important the person that act. From the founder of a school of learning of fireworks and firecrackers Li Tian invents cracker to begin, of fireworks and firecrackers promote decline the prosperity with the Chinese nation, prosperous and strong, development, progress, civilization makes photograph reflect, closely knot stage is together, if a strange flower is in,the culture blood of the Chinese nation blossoms in the sea, the life that places people is yearning with peace joyful. Our country is a formal and grand country, national Day, Spring Festival, Yuan Xiao, mid-autumn, carry the festival such as midday is fireworks and firecrackers to explode noise and gorgeous generation are resonant. Funeral of enter a higher school of the parturient have a baby born into the family that is in folk, move to a better place or have a promotion, marriage is festival it is the collective desire that will demonstrate people with firework.

Open business business business, fireworks and firecrackers explodes more even more. Hope exchequer billow, like fireworks and firecrackers resonant and sublimate. Mortuary close friends, fireworks and firecrackers falls noisy heavy, the grief of the person that be born in order to convey is earthshaking, if spend,the tear is aspersed, change distress did not explode noisy in what last long in, because the part with happy joyful play was acted on meaning of front of this fireworks and firecrackers, day of sense of the person that distress is placed on the opposite moves the injury pathos of the ground to feel. Happy event and happy, injury and Bei gained release washing with watercolors on certain level, brought people happy sense. Special in the day that in National Day such the whole nation celebrate joyously, people is looking a sky. Await ding to kowtow noisy, that expects the spirit, as the sound that times: 30 seconds, 29 seconds, 28 seconds, 27 seconds, 26 seconds... second, 0, cheer caper, that enthusiastic mood explodes euqally as towering fireworks and firecrackers put, strange colourful clinking, form syntonic affection.
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