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Smoke gardener makes a principle

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Firework is analytic
Mention firework, what we can think of to adorn the glow of night sky to take prize is ringing blow up. But this is dissilient, it is the last pace with fascinating firework only, it may be the experience that invests several centuries, count the plan of week, laborious of several hours is made with one's shoulder to collar go reforming the result that produces with passion. Here, let us be played with the representing's firework is being provided most in firework, before seeing its give out dazzing glorious to explode in the night, be what kind of.

Http://www.infofireworks.com/uploadfile/WebNews/2006041413535273499.gifTwinkle Break
In the firework that twinkles for many times, the chipboard that celestial or heavenly body includes to differ in cartridge case is lain between in. Each are lain between have dissilient drug, after its are ignited, release a celestial or heavenly body. To make these " adornment " content is dispersedly in the sky wider range, must be abrupt below enormous pressure when blowout open. Lie between a pressure that can bear to explode and rise from bottom stronger, the range that the firework plays blowout is wider. Obstruction comes from the thick wrapping paper that shows body, it resists the gas that dissilient medicine produces and quantity of heat in instantaneous.
Of firework showed body to contain noise drug possibly also, the blowout that generation lets an audience shake and effect of sound of noisy Lei Ban. Give these to accompany the big detonation that has bright Bai Shan normally to be being made, firework maker can use the compound of perchloric acid salt, a kind of explosive that differs with black gunpowder.

Http://www.infofireworks.com/uploadfile/WebNews/2006041413543673499.gifTime-delayed Fuse of time defer down-lead
When firework rises, time defer down-lead can continue to burn. Play in the firework fast when arriving at acme, down-lead combustion is abate, but enough ignite the first lie between a black gunpowder in. After chromatic celestial or heavenly body is ignited, come loose to far and near, but set off the effect to do not have an end so far. Down-lead burns continuously, ignite with same way the 2nd, 3 lie between a gunpowder in.
Timing is crucial. Be in 3 become angry in the firework, the intermediate apogee that flicker needs to rise in the firework is ignited. Accordingly, first time blowout should compare a bit before, the 3rd times flicker should be in ever since. If time,fail, firework left the ground probably very close to explode. The down-lead that microscope designs and computation their length is very necessary.
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