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The clear government government to firework cracker

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Fireworks and firecrackers is one of an apple of discord of clear acting fire. The fire that local official causes to prevent fireworks and firecrackers takes two step commonly, it is to ban put fireworks and firecrackers, 2 it is to remove mill of beautiful n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine. Treat 12 years together (1873) the first month of the lunar year, the Xiao Yu that ban on maritime trade puts fireworks and firecrackers on alls over stick thoroughfare:

"Shanghai year old the bottom offers sacrifices to a god, cigarette winds around, wine flesh confused old, clothes and hat does obeisance to genuflect, surely Jing Bigong, the ceremony finishs send a god, put firecracker gun, think story. 1000 uniform, frequently all like that. see for policeman... all be pulled detain catchs a house. Gou Mo has the person that keep, law court by the send under guard that catch a house again... the case layer of discharge fireworks and firecrackers sees fold piece, difficult enumerate. In be punished person comment in succession, there's no one who doesn't or isn't calls the thing of policeman also. Little imagine illicit puts fireworks and firecrackers. Also have in China exemple ban, at intense of wintry day dry, more appropriate pole meaning guards against. Inside and outside of the city proper and areas just outside its gates, give explicit instructions or direction to stick thoroughfare, sincere fear setting or inadvertent fall victim is boundless.

Smooth mood 18 years (1892) the first month of the lunar year, shanghai law concession also sets ban put " the shooting star drives lunar firework, in case accident " .

Smooth mood 20 years (1896) the festival of lanterns, saddle make one's rounds is prevented on bureau, press paragraph of search make one's rounds, the late night sells ban cafes tea put fireworks and firecrackers.

Announce all 2 years (1910) , beijing also reiterates ban put cracker to make, according to " big bulletin " account:

"Di Yinian of respectful of minister of civil administration ministry closes in near, cracker of rocket of all a firecracker which goes off twice, be in early prohibit, fear business civilian be bound by greatly at the habit, belief is divided hard, plan to be shown namely in a few days reaffirm a ban, be like dare reason is violated, decide a penalty that take an order to be not borrowed.

Clear acting each district although be banned repeatedly,just set off firework cracker, ban repeatedly however more than. Look, already made the sets off firework cracker activity of important folk-custom and traditional culture, be not simple one paper ban to be able to be solved, can adopt the measure of dredge only.

Guang Xuliu year (1880) , annunciate of give explicit instructions of Anqing government office says:
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