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Firework cracker is safe---Proverbial

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The enterprise is responsible, industry government, the country is censorial, masses is supervised
Safe production is in again precaution
Production must safe safety accelerates production
Fulfil safety of aggrandizement of safe regulations system to be on guard measure
Mount Taishan of overweight of safe production responsibility
Safe -- our lasting air
Sweet home is longing for you to return in safety
Safe knowledge invites your head off a disaster
Safe and laborious life is good
Catch good safe production to promote economic development
Transmit safe culture to publicize safe knowledge
Safety will at vigilant accident stem from paralytic
Alarm bell of check erroneous ideas at the outset is long cry
Safe everybody catchs home of happy ten million
Everybody tells safe home home to protect restful
Fathering is love, the pine is to kill, do well safe benefit 3 generation
Prevent an accident the whole family of annual and restful blessing tells Le Mojia of safe everybody health
Healthy body cannot leave to exercise perfect family to cannot leave safety
The assurance that safety is domestic happiness an apple of discord that the accident is life tragedy
Labor creates fortune safety to bring happiness
The life safety that quality is an enterprise is the worker's life
Be safe investment is the biggest welfare
Safety is the biggest managing accident it is the biggest waste
Paralytic it is the biggest hidden trouble neglect one's duty it is the biggest the root of the trouble
Safe production, manufacturing flourishing; Civilization is built

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